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BIHER Research
About Us

To render advice and guidance for future growth on research related issues to the top management a “Research Advisory Committee” is being constituted with experts from various research institutes and industries. The committee will provide advice on Academic Research, Sponsored Research, Consultancy, Industrial Training etc. The scope of the activities envisaged for the committee include.

  • To provide policy guidelines and direction for the growth and development of research activities
  • To advice on thrust areas and disciplines for introducing research programmes and related activities for future development in research.
  • To suggest measures for improving existing infrastructural facilities both for academic and sponsored research and enhancing research ambiance.
  • To recommend projects and suitable for availing concession if any from State and Central Governments.
  • Any other related issues.

BIHER strives to be a "Research Intensive Institution” through various quality enhancement and sustainable initiatives

  • To offer PhD and MS(by research) Programmes in all the Schools of the Institution.
  • To offer Research Fellowships (JRF & SRF) in all the Departments to attract young talents.
  • To conduct periodical review meetings for research scholars to ensure Quality.
  • To disseminate the research findings through Publications
  • To introduce innovative Schemes to encourage quality research & to increases of Research Publications
  • To introduce a conducive ambience so as bring in a research culture.

Research Advisory Committee Members :

S.No Name Designation Membership
1 Dr. K. Vijaya Bhaskar Raju Vice Chancellor Chairman
2 Dr. S. Suresh Kumar Pro Vice-Chancellor ( Research ) Member
3 Dr. M. Sundararajan Pro Vice-Chancellor ( Academic ) Member
4 Dr. R. Venakatesh Babu Pro Vice-Chancellor ( IR ) Member
5 Dr. R. Hariprakash Additional Registrar Member
6 Dr. J. Hameed Hussain Dean, School of Engineering Member
7 Dr. M. Prem Jeyakumar Dean, R & D Member
8 Dr. T. Raghunatha Reddy Dean, School of Law Member
9 Dr. A. Muthukumaravel Dean, School of Arts and Science Member
10 Dr. S. Praveen Kumar Dean, School of Management Studies and Commerce Member
11 Dr. S. Ravindhar Dean, School of Architecture Member
12 Dr. V. Kalaiarasi Dean, School of Basic Sciences Member
13 Dr. M. Senthilkumar Dean, School of Mechanical Engineering Member
14 Dr. S. Nedunchezhiyan Dean, School of Computing Member
15 Dr. M.K. Ilampoornam Dean, School of Electrical Engineering Member
16 Dr. W.M.S. Johnson Dean, School of Medicine Member
17 Dr. G. Jeyalakshmi Dean, University Affairs Member
18 Dr. S. Raghavendra Jayesh Dean, School of Dentistry Member
19 Dr. V. Hemavathy Dean, School of Nursing Member
Scheme (2018 - 2019) :
Research Advisory Committee (RAC)

Seed Money (2019 - 2020 ) :

S.No Staff Name Amount
(in Lakhs)
Title Link
1 Hema. R 1 Augmented Reality on User Friendly Maneuver for Hunting Arsenic Toxicant http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/1.pdf
2 S.Sherine 1 Photovoltaic Based Energy-Saving Configuration http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/2.pdf
3 Dr.M.Jasmin 1 Adaptive Low power Coding Schemes for Efficient Realization of Network On Chip http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/3.pdf
4 Anitha Sampathkumar 1 Performance Evaluation of Isolated Micro-Grids with Hybrid Renewable Generation System http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/4.pdf
5 Dr.S.Arul Selvi 1 Efficient Spectrum sensing using Cognitive radio networks http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/5.pdf
6 Merina Paul Das 1 Green synthesis and characterization of metal and metal oxide nanoparticles for biomedical and environmental applications http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/6.pdf
7 G. Ayyappan 1 Machine Learning Approaches of Awareness among Patients on ADR Reporting System in Chennai http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/7.pdf
8 B. Saritha 1 Synthesis of Photocatalytic Composite for Enhanced Treatment of Textile Industry Wastewater http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/8.pdf
9 S. Philomina 1 DYNAMIC DATA FLOW MANAGEMENT IN MOBILE ADHOC NETWORK http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/9.pdf
11 Dr. V.Manimozhi 1 Developing the Employability Skills of College Students In India http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/11.pdf
12 Dr.P.Arockia Nathan 1 Discovery of  self in the select novels of Paul Auster http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/12.pdf
13 Dr.N. Ramya 1 Labelling concept to network addressing and social networks http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/13.pdf
14 Dr.R.Velavan 1 Research Investigation en mited metal oxide nanocomposites for the application of photocatalytic degradation http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/14.pdf
15 Dr.G. Gurumurthy 1 Synthesis and Characterization of Metal dithiocarbamates and their Utilization of Anion Sensing: Preparation of Metal Sulphide and their Applications http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/15.pdf
16 K. Hemalakhsmi 1 A new framework for statistical thinking in times of Big Data and Digital Economy. http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/16.pdf
17 V. Brindha 1 Energy Efficient Strategy for Powerful Virtual Machine in Cloud Computing http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/17.pdf
18 Dr.S.Lakshmana 1 Design, Synthesis, Sensor Study and Biological Evolution of Heterocyclic Compounds. http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/18.pdf
19 Dr. S. Thirunirai Sethil 1 Prediction of various diseased using sentimental analyses. http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/19.pdf
20 Dr.A.Geetha 1 A study on Production Planning and control with special focus on manufacturing sector in Kanchipuram District. http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/20.pdf
21 Mathew Magdalene Peter 1 An Empirical study on the Work Life Balance of IT Employees in Chennai. http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/21.pdf
22 R. Ramamoorthy 1 Stress management of Teaching Professional http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/22.pdf
23 K.S. Beena 1 A Study on Process, Problem and prospects of medical tourism in south India. http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/23.pdf
24 Gowtham Aashirvad Kumar 1 A Study On Impact Of Online Marketing On The Small Scale Industry In Chennai City: A Study With Special Reference To Clothing Industry http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/24.pdf
25 K. Shree Balaji 1 Retail Marketing - Components Impact Customer Satisfication in Chennai http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/25.pdf
26 Dr. R. Srikumar 1 To Explore the Root Cause for Steady Rise in Type 2 Diabetes http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/26.pdf
27 Dr. E. Prabhakar Reddy 1 Oxidant And Antioxidant Status And Uric Acid In Hyper Tension, Diabetes Mellitus And Metabolic Syndrome http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/27.pdf
28 Dr. R. Vijaykumar, 1 In Vitro and In Silico Screening and Characterization of Antimicrobial Napin Bioactive Protein in Brassica juncea and Moringa oleifera http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/28.pdf
29 Dr. S.Latha, 1 To Study Post-Operative Pain, Duration of Hospital Stay and Time Required for Complete Healing Of Breast Abscess http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/29.pdf
30 Dr. Rajesh, M.Sc Ph.D 1 Assessment of DNA Damage in Chick Embryo Brains Exposed to 2G and 3G Cell Phone Radiation using Alkaline Comet Assay Technique http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/30.pdf
31 Dr. Swathi, M.Sc, 1 Current Scenario of Nipah virus http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/31.pdf
32 Dr. Anandaramajayan, M.Sc, 1 Biochemical and Hormonal Profile of Letrozole Induced PolycysticOvarian Syndrome in Wistars Albino Rats treated with Cynodon dactylon. http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/32.pdf
33 Dr. Naveen Kumar. 1 Covid19 and Diabetes http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/33.pdf
34 Dr. T. Mohanalakshmi 1 Biochemical Investigations In Gastric Cancer Patients http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/34.pdf
35 Dr. S. Jai Kumar 1 Bacteriological Profile and Spectrum of Susceptibility Pattern in Diabetic Foot Ulcer Patients at Tertiary Care Hospital, Puducherry http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/35.pdf
36 Mr.Sri Balaji K 2.25 Retail Marketing Compound Impact Customer Satisfication in Chennai http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/36.pdf
37 Ms.S. Poorni 2.9 Phyto remediation of heavy metals using Erva, Balsam & Duranta plants http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/37.pdf
38 Ms.M. Hemapriya 2 Investigation on RC beams strenthened with hybrid fibre reinforced polymer laminates http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/38.pdf
39 Ms.K. Anitha 2.5 Rebahilitation of fractures RC beams strenthened with CFRP laminates http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/39.pdf
40 Mr.K. Sivaraman 2 Parallel Implementation of machine learning in "SPARK" scope http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/40.pdf
41 Mr.A. Stephen Anto Jegan 2.5 Security of IP networks - Analysis and improvement of network performance http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/41.pdf
42 Mr.M. Siva Chandran 2.76 Big Data http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/42.pdf
43 Ms.S.R. Sri Vidhya 2 An auotmated system for analysis, prediction and classification of cerebral aneurysm http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/43.pdf
44 Mr.S. Karthika Nagarajan 2.5 Qualitative and chuautifotine assessment of HPV status to identify by high oral and orophanpagenl squamous cell carciaonm http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/44.pdf
45 Ms.C. Geetha 2.7 Development & implementation of data mining techniques in prediction of liver disease http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/45.pdf
46 Ms.S. Kavitha 2 An efficient compression technique for data storage using DNA sequence http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/46.pdf
47 Mr.R. Balakrishnan 2.5 Identification of robust pose object style in surveillance images and videos using segmentation and co-segmentation http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/47.pdf
48 Mr.Vijay Andrew Ebenezer 2.9 Dental implants http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/48.pdf
49 Mr.S. Saravana 2.5 Implemention of LI-FI technology in the transmission of the sound at the base of the PWM http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/49.pdf
50 Mr.R. S. Sidharth Raj 2.5 Rain or snow detection in video sequences through histogram of oientation http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/50.pdf
51 Ms.M. Sowmiya Manoj 2 Identification on palm print in biometric authentication systems for noise removal segmentation using FCM Bilateral filtering techniques http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/51.pdf
52 Mr.V. Sujith 1.5 High quality image and video denoisy through MFONMF http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/52.pdf
53 Mr.M. Krishna kumar  1.5 IOT based electro pneumatic wall glass cleaning Robots http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/53.pdf
54 Ms.G. Vasumathi 2 Converters for hybrid renewable energy systems http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/54.pdf
55 Ms.S. Sherine 2.5 Intelligent adaptive optimization and control of grid connected wind and solar system http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/55.pdf
56 Ms.R. Sathya Priya 2.9 Investigations on converters forthybaid renewable fed grid connected system http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/56.pdf
57 Ms.Anitha Sampathkumar 1.75 Comparative analysis of converter topologies for electri hybrid vehicles using reluctence machine http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/57.pdf
58 Ms.K. Venkateswari 2.75 Improvement of voltage profile in distribution using custom power devices http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/58.pdf
59 Mr.D. Praveen 2.9 Formality analysis of aluminum based composites using metal forming process http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/59.pdf
60 Ms.M. Smitha 2.5 Gestional diabetes mellitus & its outcome on pregnancy http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/60.pdf
62 Mr.B. Krishna Prasanth 2 Epidemiology of periodontitis among transgender &Msnl in Chennai with special reference to baceterial profile and antibiotic resistance - genes http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/62.pdf
63 Ms.R. Ajitha Nancy Rani 2.5 Effectiveness of counselling regarding coping strategies to promote self esteem and resilience among alcohol dependence admitted in selected hospital Chennai http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/63.pdf
64 Ms.R. Ramani 1.75 Effeciveness of isometric exercise on level of knee pain in selected parameters among patients with osteoarthritis in selected community adapted by Sree Balaji Nursing College and Hospital at Chennai http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/64.pdf
65 Ms.S. Semmalar 2 Effectiveness of intra dialytic exercise on physical complications to enhance renal index for end stage renal disease patients receiving hemo dialysis http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/65.pdf
66 Ms.K.R. Vasantha Kohila 2.25 Effectiveness of training programme on knowledge of hypertension management and selected bio physiological parameters among hypertensive client at selected rural community http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/66.pdf
67 Ms.P. Priyadarshini 2.95 A study to assess the prevalence and risk factors of breast cancer and the effeciveness of breast cancer awareness package on knowledge regarding prevention of breast cancer among women in adopted communities of Sree Balaji Medical College and Hospital http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/67.pdf
68 Ms.C. Jegatha 2 Effectiveness of training programme on knowledge of diabetic care and life style modification and selected bio physiological parameter of diabetic client at selected rural community http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/68.pdf
69 Ms.S. Saradha Devi 2.5 Effectiveness of multi-interventional approach to reduce anxiety and insomnia among clients with obessessive compulsive disorder at selected hospital , Chennai http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/69.pdf
70 Ms.G. Ajitha Kumari 2 Effectiveness of family psychosocial intervention on stress and coping strategies among care givers of schizophrenia in selected hospital, Chennai http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/70.pdf
71 Ms.R. Elizabeth Kavita  2 Teen Fiction / American Literature http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/71.pdf
72 Ms.I. R. Silviya 1.75 Graph Labelling on certain graphs http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/72.pdf
73 Ms.J. Rashmi Kumar 2 Graph Labelling http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/73.pdf
74 Mr.S. Thiruvenkatam 2.5 A study on inter relations of service quality and service loyality dimensions in medical tourism http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/74.pdf
75 Ms.M. Priya 2.4 An approach for commericalization of microbial fuel cells http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/75.pdf
77 Ms.V. Brindha 2 Secured data transmission analysis for database threats http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/77.pdf
78 Ms.K. Hemalakshmi 2 Moving Object Detection and Tracking Algorithm for Traffic Surveillance http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/78.pdf
79 Mr.Anish 2.5 Effects of Sulphate Resistant Cement on Construction of Reinforced Concrete elements in coastal region http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/79.pdf
80 Ms.S. Sangeetha 1.75 A novel method for optimization of data using machine learning http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/80.pdf
81 Mr.R. Muthuvenkatakrishnan 2 Throughput dynamic routing Polices (DRP) using multipath optimal in a network overlay http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/81.pdf
82 Mr.P. Jayakrishnan 2.25 Lung cancer detection using machine learning algorithm http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/82.pdf
83 Mr.S.Dinesh 1.8 Robust Video Denoising for Mixed Poisson, Gaussian  and Impule Noise http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/83.pdf
84 Ms.M. Chitra 2.5 Optinal planning sof solar PV/WTC/PG/ battery connected integrated renewable energy system of plant http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/84.pdf
85 Mr.M. Ashok 2 Efficient SVM algorithms for multiple data sets http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/85.pdf
86 Mr.K. Lingeswaran 1.5 Optimum performance analysis of windmill for specific locations - simulation model http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/86.pdf
87 Mr.R. Somasekar 2 (Dengue) flari virus and i5 co-morbidities http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/87.pdf
88 Ms.G. Durga Devi 2 Undergraduate anatomical sciences an analysis of its importance in achieving clinical competence http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/88.pdf
89 Ms.R. Rahe 1.75 A study on various interactive teaching - learning methodologies in Anatomy http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/89.pdf
90 Ms.Krishnaveni Sharath 1.5 The role of melatonin in infertility http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/90.pdf
91 Ms.P. Sneka 2 Molecular characterisation of oral candida isolates with special reference to virulence and phylogeny http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/91.pdf
92 Ms.M.S. Nandini 2 Gut microbiota in human health & diseases http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/92.pdf
94 Mr.F. Mohammed 2 Identification of bio-markers for early tissue rejection post transplantation http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/94.pdf
95 Ms.M.A. Athira 2 Genetic Polymorphism and Expression of Transient Receptor Potential Vanniloid, Protease Activated Receptor and Voltage Gated Sodium Channels in Deep Caries Associated with Endodontic Pain. http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/95.pdf
96 Ms.E. Maha Vishnu 2.25 Enhancing Maneuvering Performance of a Guided Missile in the concept of strategic stability http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/96.pdf
97 Ms.R. Lakshmidevi 2.5 Challenges and Issues of women employees in IT Industry http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/97.pdf
98 Ms.M.M. shanmuga Priya 2.5 A STUDY ON E.HRM PRACTICES AND ITS BENEFITS IN IT AND ITES WITH SPECIAL REFERNCE TO CHENNAI http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/98.pdf
99 Ms.Indumathi 2 Computed Aided Diagnosis system for Identification of Lung Cancer http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/99.pdf
100 Ms.Vinodhini R 2.5 EARLIER DETECTION OF DIABETIC RETINOPATHY USING IMAGE PROCESSING TECHNIQUE http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/100.pdf
101 Mr.T. Manoj Prasath 2 Advanced Signal Analysis for Improving Brain waves through physiological Task http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/101.pdf
102 Ms.L. Maria Subashini 2.5 TREATABILITY STUDIES ON WASTE WATER USING PHOTOCATALYSIS http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/102.pdf
103 Mr.S. Rajesh 2 Broken Waste Tiles As Alternative Aggregate For Concrete http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/103.pdf
104 Mr.A.V. Allin Geo 2.25 Prediction of surgical site infection in neurological operations http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/104.pdf
105 Mr.Krishnamoorthy R 2.5 A Study of General Data Protection Regulation Complied Blockchain Architecture for Personal Data Management Systems http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/105.pdf
106 Ms.S. Deepa 2.5 Developing a novel and robust technique in the diagnostics of periodontitis using artificial intelligence and machine learning http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/106.pdf
107 Ms.M. Anita 2 Effectiveness of school oral health education program in improving oral health of school children in Chennai, India. http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/107.pdf
108 Ms.G. Kanagavalli 2.65 Design of Energy and Power Efficient Adaptive Beamforming Technique in Massive MIMO for 5G http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/108.pdf
109 Mr.S.Balaji 2.75 ORAL CANCER DETECTION USING CONVOLUTIONAL NEURAL NETWORK http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/109.pdf
110 Mr.Vishnu Kumar A 2.5 INVESTIGATION ON CONVERTER TOPOLOGY FOR SOLAR POWER GENERATION http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/110.pdf
112 Ms.Jeyasudha M 2 Analysis and performance of active lower limb prosthetics http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/112.pdf
114 Ms.S. Sree Ranjini 1.95 A Triple Blinded RCT on neurocognitive and psychomotor effects of Melatonin vs Midazolam tested clinically and correlated with Actigraphy, when administered either via oral, orobuccal or intranasal routes http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/114.pdf
115 Mr.M. Chandra Mohan 1.5 Prosthetics Human Hand for Rehabiliation http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/115.pdf
116 Ms.V. Priya 2 Mobile Robot Path Planning Optimizatiom http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/116.pdf
117 Mr.M. Gopinath 2.5 EXISTENTIALISM IN THE NOVELS OF RUSKIN BOND http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/117.pdf
118 Ms.Raagavi A S 2 FANTASY LITERATURE/ BRITISH http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/118.pdf
119 Ms.Jancy K 2.5 A Comparative on Feminism as written by Anita Desai, and Kamala Markandaya http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/119.pdf
120 Ms.Surodusvini K 2.5 PSYCHOANALYTICAL STYDY OF MALE CHARACTERS IN SHASHI DESHPANDES NOVEL http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/120.pdf
121 Dr.Anitha Balaji 3.4 Aggressive Periodontitis - A Clinico genetic and microbial analysis http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/121.pdf
122 Dr.Nalini Aswath 1.5 Diagnosis of type 2 diabetes using salivary transcriptomic biomarkers http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/122.pdf
123 Dr.T. Sarumathi 2 Oral Candidal Carriage, Its antifungal succeptibility pattern, Oral Microbiome and quality of life on oral health of tobacco users http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/123.pdf
124 Dr.Vidyarani 2 Validation of a panel of 12 molecular markers to determine tumorigenic potential among oral potentially malignant lesions http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/124.pdf
125 Dr.Usha Subbiya 2.8 Study on role of TRPV1 and PAR2 http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/125.pdf
126 Dr.Mahalakshmi 2 Molecular characterization of antifungal resistance and virulance of Candida Isolates among patients with oral potentially malignant disorders and oral squamous cell carcinoma http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/126.pdf
127 Mr.Ravindhar S 2 Multiple categories of bricks used for construction - A review http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/127.pdf
128 Mr. Dhanasekar, J 2.5 Investigation of hybrid locomotive robot for anti-personnel mine detection http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/128.pdf
129 Mr. Mukherjee S 2.75 Barodontalgia:-revealing the unreveaing http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/129.pdf
130 Mr. Rajesh E 2 Artifacts in histopathology – a review http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/130.pdf
131 Mr. Venkatesh Babu R 2.25 Mechanical behaviour and characterization of reinforced CNSL composite material http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/131.pdf
132 Ms.Angelinteena S. 2.8 Short communication -Orodental perspective of substance abusers http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/132.pdf
133 Mr.Aravindha Babu N 2.5 Infection control during COVID – 19 (Corona virus) http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/133.pdf
134 Mr.Manikandan A 2.3 A simple reverse phase ultra performance liquid chromatography validated method for concurrent estimation of daunorubicin and cytarabine in drug substances and drug product http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/134.pdf
135 Mr.Manikandan A 2 Novel isocratic rp-hplc method development and validation of rosuvastatin and fenofibrate in tablets http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/135.pdf
136 Mr.Balasubramanian K., 1.5 Analysis of natural fibre mat and fibre hybrid composites http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/136.pdf
137 Ms.Ebenezer V 2 Tramadol in oral surgery – a literature review http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/137.pdf
138 Mr.Elumalai N 2 Computational study of effectiveness of winglet at subsonic speed http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/138.pdf
139 Mr.Hariharan R 2.25 An investigation on microstructural evolution and mechanical properties of Zn coating as interlayer on Mg-Al alloys using diffusion bonding http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/139.pdf
140 Ms.Hemavathy V 2.5 Review article on assess the non-pharmacological management for knee osteoarthritis http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/140.pdf
141 Mr.Johnson W.M.S 2.5 An accidental finding of FAHR’s syndrome during computed tomography of skull – A case report http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/141.pdf
142 Ms.Kamalambigeswari R 2.5 Biosorption of dye using Lawsonia sp. as adsorbent http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/142.pdf
143 Mr.Karthikeyan R 2.5 Optimization of pitch distance of kevlar thread stitching in chopped GFRP composite laminates http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/143.pdf
144 Ms.Kowsalya E 2 Anticorrosion effect of natural material on mild steel http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/144.pdf
145 Mr.Lakshmanan S. 2.25 Cryogel biocomposite containing chitosan-gelatin/cerium–zinc doped hydroxyapatite for bone tissue engineering http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/145.pdf
146 Mr.Magesan P 2.8 Biomaterial (Garlic and Chitosan)-Doped WO3-TiO2Hybrid Nanocomposites: Their Solar Light Photocatalytic and Antibacterial Activities http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/146.pdf
147 Ms.Mahalakshmi, K 2.5 Virulence factors correlation among AmpC and esbl producing klebsiella pneumoniae clinical isolates http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/147.pdf
148 Mr.Manikandan A 2.4 Impact of Tm3+ and Tb3+ rare earth cations substitution on the structure and magnetic parameters of Co-Ni nanospinel ferrite http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/148.pdf
149 Mr.Manikandan A 1.5 Functional sr0.5ba0.5sm0.02fe11.98o4/x(ni0.8zn0.2fe2o4) hard-soft ferrite nanocomposites: Structure, magnetic and microwave properties http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/149.pdf
150 Mr.Rajesh B 2 Neuroprotective effect of Bacopa monnieri against aluminum chloride-induced oxidative stress and apoptosis in the hippocampus of Wistar rats http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/150.pdf
151 Mr.Neduncheliyan S. 2.5 Automatic Irrigation System Based on Internet of Things for Crop Yield Prediction http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/151.pdf
152 Mr.Nishanth G 2.75 Role of nutrition in oral health http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/152.pdf
153 Mr.Peter M 2 A study on the impact of work life balance on the well being of employees at Quantum Software Solutions Pvt Ltd http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/153.pdf
154 Mr.Prasath Alias Surendhar S 2.25 Cerebrum tumour classification using edge detection and CNN http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/154.pdf
155 Mr.Raja E 2.5 The behavioural attributes about a compression ignition engine powered with diesel and artocarpus heterophyllus methyl ester blends http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/155.pdf
156 Ms.Rajakumari K 1.75 Automated tracking and identification of face in 3D mesh environment http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/156.pdf
157 Mr.Rajesh E 2.75 In situ hybridisation-a review http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/157.pdf
158 Dr.Rebecca J 2.25 Cattle feed protein extraction from vigna unguriculata (L.) Walp. And cicer arietinum L. http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/158.pdf
159 Mr.Satpathy G 1.8 Pathogenic Escherichia coli (E. coli) detection through tuned nanoparticles enhancement study http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/159.pdf
160 Ms.Sharmla D 1.75 The gas chromatography-mass spectrometry study of one ayurvedic medicine, Induppukanam http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/160.pdf
161 Ms.Sridevi Anjuga E.P 2.6 Corona virus-an overview http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/161.pdf
162 Mr.Udayakumar R 2.75 Data access controls in cloud: A survey http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/162.pdf
163 Mr.Velavan R. 2.3 Characterization of p-type nickel oxide (Nio) thin films prepared by rf magnetron sputtering http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/163.pdf
164 Mr.Venkataramaraju D. 2.25 Knowledge sharing and other factors contributing towards enhancement of organisational performance http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/164.pdf
165 Mr. Bupesh 2.75 Influence of Yogic Practices on Blood Sugar Level of Type-2 Diabetes Mellitus http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/165.pdf
166 Mr. Ramesh Babu P 2.25 In silico analysis of non-synonymous single nucleotide polymorphisms of human DEFB1 gene http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/166.pdf
167 Mr. Vasanth S 2.5 Facile synthesis and biophysical characterization of egg albumen-wrapped zinc oxide nanoparticles: A potential drug delivery vehicles for anticancer therapy http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/167.pdf
168 Ms. Meenakumari K 1.6 Invitro efficacy of antioxidant activity in ethanolic and aqueous leaf extracts of Andrographis paniculata Nees and Rhinacanthus nasutus Kurz http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/168.pdf
169 Mr.Kamparaj S.G 2.75 Assessment of the influence of cilostazol on learning-memory and motor co-ordination by rodent models http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/169.pdf
170 Mr. Muthiah N.S 2 Preclinical evaluation of the impact of cilostazol on anti-depressant activity of fluoxetine http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/170.pdf
171 Mr. Saikumar P 1.8 Neuroprotective potential of costus speciosus on neurotransmitters levels in noise stress condition in rats http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/171.pdf
172 Ms.Meenakumari K 2 Determination of in vitro antioxidant activity of the leaves extracts of ehretia pubescens http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/172.pdf
173 Mr.Raghavendra B 2.25 Methods for distalizing molar – a review http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/173.pdf
174 Ms.Tamilselvi R 2.8 Factors influencing ledge formation and its management in endodontics http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/174.pdf
175 Ms.Megha R 2.5 Diagnosis and treatment modalities of open apex – a review http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/175.pdf
176 Ms.Saatwika L 2.3 A review on cracked tooth syndrome http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/176.pdf
177 Ms.Arulselvi S 2 Identification and analysis of palm print in biometric authentication system using SVM techniques http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/177.pdf
178 Ms.Sumathi P. 2.85 Different Type of Nasties Using in Linear Programming Problem http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/178.pdf
179 Ms. Sathiabama C.V 2.25 Minimizing the cost using an inventive proposal in transportation problems http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/179.pdf
180 Mr. Baalann K 2.5 Spinal dysraphism http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/180.pdf
181 Ms.Mathubala G 1.75 Crystal growth, optical, spectroscopic studies, PL behaviour and Hirshfield surface analysis of a third-order nonlinear optical Cesium Hydrogen Oxalate Dihydrate (CHOD) single crystal http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/181.pdf
182 Mr. Giridharan B 2.74 COVID-19: A promising cure for the global panic http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/182.pdf
183 Mr. Pindigiri S 2.25 Preliminary phytochemistry, gas chromatography-mass spectrometry, and high-performance thin-layer chromatography fingerprint analysis of ethanol extract of Costus speciosus rhizomes and its therapeutic implications http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/183.pdf
184 Mr.Venkatapathy S 1.8 Clinical Assessment of Existence of Palmaris Longus Muscle among South Indian Population http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/184.pdf
185 Mr.Krishnasamy L 1.5 Phylogenetic characterization of biofilm forming multidrug resistant Candida albicans and Non albicans Candida causing vulvovaginal candidiasis http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/185.pdf
186 Ms.Kotteswari M 3.4 The gas chromatography-mass spectrometry study of one herbal formulation, Trikatu Churnam http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/186.pdf
187 Ms. Parijatham S 2 The gas chromatography-mass spectrometry analysis of one Ayurvedic medicine, Dasanakanti Churnam http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/187.pdf
188 Mr.Prabhu K 2 Gas chromatography-mass spectrometry study of one Ayurvedic Rasayana drug, Dhanwantari Rasayanam http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/188.pdf
189 Mr.Kalaivanan J 2.25 The GC-MS study of one ayurvedic formulation tiktaka ghrita http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/189.pdf
190 Mr.Narayanan G 1.5 Neuro-protective effect of ayurveda formulation, saraswatharishtam, on scopolamine induced memory impairment in animal model http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/190.pdf
191 Mr.Rajesh B 2 Extrinsic factors in regulation of adult hippocampal neurogenesis http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/191.pdf
192 Mr.Thaya Kumari C.R 2.1 Spectral, dielectric, mechanical and optical characteristics of LPDMCl single crystal for nonlinear optical applications http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/192.pdf
193 Ms.Indra Gandhi R 2.8 Interstitial pneumonia with autoimmune features http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/193.pdf
194 Ms.Vijayakumar. R 2.5 Free radical scavenging potential of Argyreia nervosa leaf extract: An in vitro analysis http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/194.pdf
195 Ms.Mathubala G 1.5 Synthesis and characterization analysis of unique organic crystal – Urea Glutaric acid, an optimistic candidate for optical device applications http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/195.pdf
196 Mr.Nallathambi A 2 Biochemical and hormonal profile of letrozole induced polycystic ovarian syndrome in wistars albino rats treated with cynodon dactylon. http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/196.pdf
197 Ms.Ethiraj D 2 Abdominal Cocoon: "cauliflower Sign" on Contrast-Enhanced Computed Tomography Scan http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/197.pdf
198 Mr.Thangaraj K 1.8 Orientin: A C-glycosyl flavonoid that mitigates colorectal cancer http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/198.pdf
199 Mr.Vijayakumar R 2.5 Argyreia nervosa reduces alcohol-induced altered levels of oxidative stress in the liver Wistar male albino rats http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/199.pdf
200 Mr.Prakash S 1.5 Analysis of tie line connected hybrid power with brushless generators http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/200.pdf
201 Mr.Rajesh B 2 Acute and subacute toxicity evaluation of calcium carbide and ethylene glycol in Wistar albino rats http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2019/201.pdf
Research Advisory Committee (RAC)

Seed Money ( 2015 - 2016 ) :

S.No Staff Name Amount
(in Lakhs)
Title Link
1 Mr. R. Srikumar 1 Incidence of Dengue Fever in Febrile Patients and Co-Infection with Typhoid Fever in South India http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2015/1.pdf
2 Mr. E. Prabhakar Reddy 1 Total Antioxidant Status and Oxidative Stress in Diabetes Mellitus and Metabolic Syndrome http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2015/2.pdf
3 Mr. R. Vijaykumar 1 Impact of Body Mass Index on Corrected QT Interval In Prehypertensive http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2015/3.pdf
4 Mr. C. Naveen Kumar 1 Role of Ganoderma lucidum against triazole drugs resistant Aspergillus species http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2015/4.pdf
5 Ms.S.Latha 1 Synergetic hypoglycemic and hypolipidemic effect of herbal formulation of flax seed, fenugreek and jamun seeds in streptozotocin- nicotinamide induced diabetic rats http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2015/5.pdf
6 Mr. E. Prabhakar Reddy 2.75 HCG and CA-125 Levels In Pregnancy And Abortion Patients http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2015/6.pdf
7 Mr. B. Rajesh 2.5 Effect of Radio frequency Radiation Emitted from 2G and 3G Cell Phone on Developing Liver of Chick Embryo – A Comparative Study http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2015/7.pdf
8 Mr. S. Jai Kumar 2 Evaluation of antibacterial activity of pedalium
Murex fruit and its influence in dermatological
9 Ms. T. Mohanalakshmi 2.5 High Sensitive C – Reactive Protein in Hypertension and Metabolic Syndrome. http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2015/9.pdf
10 Mr. B.S. Ravi Kiran 2.4 F2 isoprostane levels in metabolic syndrome http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2015/10.pdf
11 Mr.A.Mani 2.25 A study on biomethanation of sewage sludge using sonication and CFD modeling http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2015/11.pdf
12 Mr.R.Karthikeyan 3 Studies on accuracy enhancement by efficient feature selection and cost sensitive models http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2015/12.pdf
13 Mr.B.Karthik 2 Removal of high density salt and pepper noise through modified cascaded filter http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2015/13.pdf
14 Ms.V.Hemavathy 2.5 Explore the quality of life on coping strategies among women with cervical cancer in selected hospitals at chennai http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2015/14.pdf
15 Ms.D.KeranaHanirex 2 Association Pattern Mining For Efficient Generation of Frequent Item sets In Dengue Virus Type 1 For Drug Discovery Using An Integration Of Transaction Reduction And Random Sampling (TRRS) Algorithm http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2015/15.pdf
16 Ms.Jinu Merlin Koshy 2.5 A Cross Sectional Study to Evaluate Working Posture & Postural Problems Prevalence in Professionals http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2015/16.pdf
17 Ms.S.Latha 3 Synergetic Action of Poly herbal formulation Linum Usitatissimum (Flaxseed),Trigonella Foenumgraecum (Fenugreek) and SyzygiumCumini (Jamun) on Experimentally Induced Type II Diabetes Mellitus in Wistar Albino Rats http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2015/17.pdf
18 Ms.G.Padmapriya 2 Synthesis, Structural, Morphological and OPTO –Magnetic Characterizations of Nano-Photo Catalysts http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2015/18.pdf
19 Dr.P.Saikumar 2.5 Assessment of Ovarian Reserve and Lipid Profile among Women with Type II Diabetes Mellitus http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2015/19.pdf
20 Ms.Archana Rajasundaram 3.5 A Cross Sectional Study of Sexual Dimorphism in Working Memory and Attention in Late Adolescent Subjects http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2015/20.pdf
21 Mr.S.P.Vijayaragavan 3.5 Security Transactions in Ad Hoc Networks for IDC Based Protocol http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2015/21.pdf
22 Ms.Mohana Lakshmi T 3 A Comparative study on inflammation among the patients with Metabolic syndrome, Diabetes Mellitus and Hypertension http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2015/22.pdf
23 Dr. E. Prabakhar Reddy 2 Hypoglycemic effect of Azadirachta  indica seed oil and Mehani (Polyherbal formulation) on Alloxan induced Diabetic albino rats -A comparative study http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2015/23.pdf
24 Dr. G. Brindha 2.5 A Study on the role of quality of work life on the work behavior of women employees in software companies at chennai http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2015/24.pdf
25 Dr. D. Venkataramaraju 2.5 Human resources practices in multinational companies -A study http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2015/25.pdf
26 Dr. T. Saravanan 2.75 Development of satellite optical sensors data processing system-content based oil spill detection using 2D-DWT http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2015/26.pdf
27 Dr. A. Julius 3.5 Morinda Citrifolia Enhances Bone Marrow Mesenchymal Stem Cell Proliferation And Facilitates Osteogenesis-In Vitro And In Vivo Study http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2015/27.pdf
28 Dr. V. Khanaa 3 Sentimental Analysis of Online Content: A Practical Approach http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2015/28.pdf
29 Dr. D. Venkataramaraju 2 Leadership styles in information technology and information technology enabled services industries http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2015/29.pdf
30 Dr. A. Kumaravel 3 Studies on design of ensembles for efficient learning of diabetes dataset http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2015/30.pdf
31 Dr. T. Saravanan 2.25 Palm-Vein Image Recognition of Human Using Discrete Enhancement http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2015/31.pdf
32 Dr. K.P. Kaliyamurthie 3.5 Multi Objective Clustering and Optimization http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2015/32.pdf
33 Dr. M. Muniappan 2 Evaluation of Analgesic, Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Ulcer and Anti-Bacterial Activity of Indazole and its Derivatives http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2015/33.pdf
34 Dr. E. Prabakhar Reddy 2.5 Measures of Oxidative stress, Inflammation and Endothelial Dysfunction in Metabolic  Syndrome and Diabetes  Mellitus Patients http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2015/34.pdf
35 Dr. M. Sundararajan 2 Multimodal  Biometric Security in Adhoc Network and its Application http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2015/35.pdf
36 Mr.Kalaiprasath 3.5 Cloud information and accountability in end-to-end cloud computing terminology. http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2015/36.pdf
37 Ms.E. Fathima 3 Studies on Datamining methods for Classification of Medical Images. http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2015/37.pdf
38 Ms.K. Subbulakshmi 3.5 Design of adaptive reconfigure architecture suitable for heterogeneous wireless sensor networks http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2015/38.pdf
39 Ms.K. Jaya Rani 2.5 Microbiological profile and drug suspectibility pattern in diabetic foot ulcer patients http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2015/39.pdf
40 Ms.Sangeetha 2.7 A study to assess depression, anxiety, stress and quality of life in elderly aged person http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2015/40.pdf
41 Ms.R. Sangeetha 3 Environmental sustanbiltily practices to be adopted in Chennai hotels. http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2015/41.pdf
42 Dr. Mohan Valiathan 2 Bacterial population in aggressive periodontitis http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2015/42.pdf
43 Dr. M.S. Kannan 3.5 Amount of Skeletal, Dental and soft tissue correction in class II treatment http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2015/43.pdf
44 Dr. Ganesh Ramesh 3 Comparison of Digital impression and hydrocolloid impression http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2015/44.pdf
45 Dr. Manigandan T 2 Immunofluorescence studies on premalignant lesions http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2015/45.pdf
46 Dr. Julius A 3 Antoxidents in Green Tea and their carioprotection http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2015/46.pdf
47 Dr. Padmavathy K 3 Antibacterial activity of Ricinus communis Linn http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2015/47.pdf
48 Mr.Indiran V 3.8 Unusual cause of foot pain http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2015/48.pdf
49 Ms.Aishwarya, S 3 Comparison of the use of mccoy laryngoscope and intubating laryngeal mask airway in patients with simulated cervical spine immobilization http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2015/49.pdf
50 Mr.Amgoth, B.P 3.5 Lead exposure studyamong workers in lead acid battery repair units: A cross sectional Study http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2015/50.pdf
51 Mr.Anand, N.N 3.8 Working conditions and neuropsychiatric problems in security workers in tertiary care hospital http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2015/51.pdf
52 Mr.Bupesh, G 3.5 Facile synthesis of mercaptosuccinic acid-capped CdTe/CdS/ZnS core/double shell quantum dots with improved cell viability on different cancer cells and normal cells http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2015/52.pdf
53 Ms.Chandraselvi, E 3 Association Of glycemic status and lipid profile with skinfold thickness in diabetic patients http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2015/53.pdf
54 Mr.Chidambaram, R 3 Effects of high fat diet induced obesity on histopathology of liver in albino rats http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2015/54.pdf
55 Ms.Deepika, M 3 Seronegative antiphospholipid syndrome http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2015/55.pdf
56 Ms.Divya S 3.5 Ovarian endometriotic cyst in an unmarried mimicking malignancy: Case report and a review of the literature http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2015/56.pdf
57 Ms.Jayakumari, S 3.5 A comparative study of daughter and mother’s menarche age with their BMI and socioeconomic status http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2015/57.pdf
58 Mr.Kanakaraj, K 3 Arnold chiari malformation type II with club hand deformity http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2015/58.pdf
59 Mr.Karthikeyan S 2.75 A rare presentation of colonic growth mimicking a gall bladder carcinoma http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2015/59.pdf
60 Vijayasekaran, D 3.8 Vitamin D Deficiency and Critical Illness: Correspondence http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2015/60.pdf
61 Mr.Manavalan S 3 Deposition and characterization of amorphous carbon thin film http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2015/61.pdf
62 Mr.Peter, R.M 3.5 Short term functional outcome of displaced midshaft clavicle fractures treated with TENS nailing http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2015/62.pdf
63 Mr.Prabhu, J 3.75 Molecular properties and insilico neuroprotective activity of eugenol against glutamate metabotrophic receptors http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2015/63.pdf
64 Mr.Purushotham 3.5 High thoracic epidural anaesthesia for modified radical mastectomy with axillary clearance http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2015/64.pdf
65 Mr.Ramesh A 3 Sexual dimorphism in achieved cognitive skills of adolesence age group – A case study http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2015/65.pdf
66 Ms.Saraswathi K 3.75 Posterior reversible encephalopathy syndrome in pregnancy http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2015/66.pdf
67 Mr.Sarkar, S 3.5 Substance use disorder and the family: An Indian perspective http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2015/67.pdf
68 Mr.Selvamani 3 Anaesthetic management of a patient with permanent pacemaker for emergency bilateral hernioplasty http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2015/68.pdf
69 Ms.Sharmila, C 3.5 Atypical presentation of granulosa cell tumor http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2015/69.pdf
70 Ms.Shraddha N 3.5 A case of atypical presentation of Mycobacterium kansasii infection http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2015/70.pdf
71 Ms.Shylaja, K.D 2.75 Neurofibromatosis type 1 and its prenatal diagnosis http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2015/71.pdf
72 Mr.Sridhara Narayanan D 2.5 Comparative study of graft materials used in myringoplasty http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2015/72.pdf
73 Venkatesan v 2.75 The  GC Ms analysis study of one ayurvedic medicine "Ajaswagandhadi lehyam" http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2015/73.pdf
74 Ms.Thumjaa A 3.5 Pattern of allergic diseases in children http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2015/74.pdf
75 Mr.Vijay, D.R.R 3.5 Awareness of appropriate usage of alcohol based hand-rubs among medical professioals & general population http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2015/75.pdf
76 Ms.Vinodini K 3 Bacteriological profile from pus samples in a tertiary care hospital, Chennai http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2015/76.pdf
77 Mr.Anand, N.N 3.5 Occupational health hazards among the workers in leather tanneries near chromepet http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2015/77.pdf
78 Mr.Ayyappan G 2.75 A study on SNA: Measure connected components of knowledge diffusion in GEPHI http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2015/78.pdf
79 Ms.Brintha Rajakumari S 3 Data preparation of river water using TOAC algorithm http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2015/79.pdf
80 Sakthi, S.S 3.5 Environmental factors in cardiovascular disease http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2015/80.pdf
81 Mr.Das, M.P 2.5 Analysis of antibacterial activity of biogenic silver nanoparticles using leaf extracts of Amaranthus caudatus http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2015/81.pdf
82 Ms.Devi Raja Rajeswari, P 2.5 The effect of Biophytum sensitivum extract against the behavioral changes induced by 1-methyl- 4- phenyl-1,2,3,6-tetrahydropyridine (MPTP) in mice http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2015/82.pdf
83 Ms.Dhanalakshmi M 3.5 Trust calculation in adhoc networks http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2015/83.pdf
84 Mr.Einstien Jackson S. 3 Harmonic and ripple control using active rectifier http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2015/84.pdf
85 Mr.Emerson Solomon F 2.5 Secure, sturdy and progressive image secret sharing via error diffusion in halftone visual cryptography http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2015/85.pdf
86 Mr.Emerson Solomon F 2.7 Sensor capability based mostly relay node placement in heterogeneous wireless detector networks http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2015/86.pdf
87 Mr.Faru M.N 3 A novel approach for self adaptive multi-agents resource allocation in cloud environments http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2015/87.pdf
88 Ms.Geetha S. 3.5 Automated anesthesia delivery system using temperature sensors http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2015/88.pdf
89 Ms.Jagadeeswari R. 3 Morphological image processing with OpenMP http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2015/89.pdf
90 Sathish Kumar P 2 Comparative study on prevalence of onychomycosis in psoriatic and non psoriatic patients attending skin OPD in tertiary care hospital, Chennai Tamil Nadu, India http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2015/90.pdf
91 Ms.Joy Mercy Mary G. 2 Human authenticationbased on hand silhouettes http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2015/91.pdf
92 Mr.Karthikeyan R. 3.5 Effective web based e-learning http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2015/92.pdf
93 Divya, M 3.5 Guillian barre syndrome in pregnancy: A rare case!! http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2015/93.pdf
94 Ms.Mohana Lakshmi, T 3.8 High sensitive C - Reactive protein in hypertension and metabolic syndrome http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2015/94.pdf
95 Ms.Padma, V 3.5 Lifetime exposure to agricultural pesticides and incicidence of diabetes among pesticide applicators http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2015/95.pdf
96 Ms.Pavithra J 3.5 State wise analysis of microfinance sector in India http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2015/96.pdf
97 Mr.Peter, R.M 3 Tuberculous dactylitis (Spina Ventosa) of an adolescent thumb: A rare case report http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2015/97.pdf
98 Ms.Pramila Devi M 3 MSME training: Performance and achievement http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2015/98.pdf
99 S. Anupriya 3.5 Multi Modality Image Fusion for Brain Tumor images http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2015/99.pdf
100 Ms.Rama A 3.5 An iris based authentication system by eye localization http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2015/100.pdf
101 Ms.Ramyaramkumari T. 3 Evaluation of user authentication using persuasive cued click points (PCCP) http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2015/101.pdf
102 Ms.Sharanya, K 2.75 Comparison of widal and typhoid immunoglobulin M and immunoglobulin G in rapid and early diagnosis of enteric fever http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2015/102.pdf
103 Mr.Sivaraman K 3.5 Intuitive driver proxy control using artificial intelligence http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2015/103.pdf
104 Mr.Subash Raja S. 3 Experimental study of self curing and self compaction – By using recron fiber and polyethylene glycol 400 in reinforced concrete http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2015/104.pdf
105 Mr.Sundarraj B 3.5 A content-based spam filtering approach victimisation artificial neural networks http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2015/105.pdf
106 Mr.Thirunavukkarasu S 3.75 Network architecture in entrepreneurship http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2015/106.pdf
107 Ms.Vanitha S 3.5 Valorization of solid waste from the tannery industry: Preparation of adsorbent by cost effective method http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2015/107.pdf
108 Mr.Vijayan D.S 3 Experimental investigation on the static performance of GFRP strengthened prestressed concrete beams http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2015/108.pdf
Research Advisory Committee (RAC)

Seed Money (2016 - 2017 ) :

S.No Staff Name Amount
(in Lakhs)
Title Link
1 Dr. R. Srikumar., M.Sc., Ph.D 1 Incidence Rate and Antibiotic Susceptibility Pattern of Listeria Species in High Risk Groups http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2016/1.pdf
2 Dr. E. Prabhakar Reddy M.Sc Ph.D 1 Comparison of Bone Turnover Markers on Osteoporosis in Pre and Postmenopausal Women http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2016/2.pdf
3 Dr. R. Vijaykumar 1 Impact of Body Mass Index on Arterial Stiffness in Young Prehypertensives: A Cross Sectional Study http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2016/3.pdf
4 Dr. Naveen Kumar. 1 Phytochemical Analysis and Antifungal Activity of Ganoderma lucidum http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2016/4.pdf
5 Dr. Swathi 1 Prevalence of Intestinal Parasites in a Tertiary Care Hospital in Rural Puducherry http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2016/5.pdf
6 Dr. B.S. Ravi Kiran 1 Comparative Study of Nitric Oxide Levels in Metabolic Syndrome and Diabetes Mellitus Patients http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2016/6.pdf
7 Dr. Anandaramajayan, 1 A Study on Bifurcation of Brachial Artery in South Indian Population http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2016/7.pdf
8 Dr. Rajesh 1 Variations among Foramen Transversarium in Cervical Vertebrae and its Clinical Significance. http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2016/8.pdf
9 Dr. T. Mohanalakshmi 1 Triglycerides fasting or non-fasting? Current knowledge in diagnostic values http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2016/9.pdf
10 Dr. S. Jai Kumar 1 Antiurolithiatic Effect of Ethanolic Leaf Extract of Ipomoea reniformis Against Ethylene Glycol Induced Urolithiasis in Experimental Animals http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2016/10.pdf
11 Mr.M.Prakash 2 Clinico-Spirometric-Pathological correlation of Perennial  Allergic  Rhinitis and its impact on Asthma-A combined interventional Cohort and prospective multi arm multi drug randomized control trial http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2016/11.pdf
12 Mr.C.Deepak 2.5 Mutations of ARHGAP29 Gene and MSXI gene and nonsyndromic clefting n Indian cleft lip & palate patients http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2016/12.pdf
13 Mr.C.J.Venkatakrishnan 3 Volumetric Bone Analysis and Insertion Torque Analysis for Dental Implants in Mandible using CBCT Images http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2016/13.pdf
14 Mr.M.Achudhan 3.5 Numerical Optimization of Flow Uniformity inside A Catalytic Converter http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2016/14.pdf
15 Ms.S.Brintha Rajakumari 3 Mining Analysis of Toxic Metals in Indian River Water Data Based on Horizontal Aggregation http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2016/15.pdf
16 Mr.P.Kiran Kumar 2 A study on the Enhancement of Advanced Software Architecture Visualization in secure Design pattern http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2016/16.pdf
17 Dr.Sanjana Nayar 1.75 Biochemical and Microbiological Assay of Gingivalcrevicular  Fluid and Peri-Implant Crevicular Fluid of Dental Implant Wearers -A Clinical  Study http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2016/17.pdf
18 Ms.S. Suganthi 2.25 A Study on Work Life Balance for Women Across IT Field in Chennai http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2016/18.pdf
19 Mr.Dileepkumar Padidem 1.5 Work Flow Model Conformance & Extension in Business Process using Process Mining Techniques http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2016/19.pdf
20 Mr.P. Sasikumar 2 A Study on Industrial Relations with Special Reference to Collective Bargaining in Industries At Oragadam, Chennai http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2016/20.pdf
21 Ms.R. Vasuki 2.5 Smart system for constant flow of energy resource from jumbo urine http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2016/21.pdf
22 Ms.R. Vasuki 2 Computational Analysis of a targeted drug delivery system using nano particle in treatment of colorectal cancer http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2016/22.pdf
23 Ms.G .Brindha 3.5 Study on Employee Retention Strategies in IT Industry with Special Reference to Chennai City http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2016/23.pdf
24 Ms.R. Vasuki 2.25 Evaluation of targeted delivery of herbals with silver nanoparticles in the treatment of cancer http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2016/24.pdf
25 Dr. C. Nalini 1.5 Social Network Mining for Learning Research Community Contribution Patterns http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2016/25.pdf
26 Dr. V. Khanaa 2 A Study on Implementation of ARS in Wireless Mesh Networks for Efficient Energy Transmission http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2016/26.pdf
27 Dr. V. Khanaa 2.5 Theoretical and Experimental Investigation on Multi-Zone Modeling of Digital Watermarking Schemes http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2016/27.pdf
28 Dr.K.R.Vijayakumar 2.75 A Comparative Study on Cardiac Autonomic Dysfunction and Cardiovascular Fitness among Individuals with Prediabetes, Prehypertension and with Co-existing Prediabetes and Prehypertension http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2016/28.pdf
29 Dr.M. Sundararajan 3 Performance  Improvement of Certain Multiprocessor System-on-Chip for Low Power Applications http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2016/29.pdf
30 Dr.V.Khanaa 2.25 Trusted Enhanced Novel Network  Security Architecture (NSA) for Mobile Portable Ad Hoc Network http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2016/30.pdf
31 Ms.C.Nalini 3 Mining Opinions about Traffic Status in Tweets Using Sentiment Analysis http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2016/31.pdf
32 Dr.V.Khanaa 2.5 Real – Time Security and Privacy Data Transmission for Preventing Jamming Attack http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2016/32.pdf
33 Dr.V.Khanaa 2.75 SIP Based Dynamic Estimation of Secure Network Mobility (Semnemo) for Real Time  Applications http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2016/33.pdf
34 Mr.B.P. Ramesh Babu 2.5 In Vitro Studies And Secondary Metabolite Production In Phyllanthus Reticulatus http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2016/34.pdf
35 Dr.V.Khanaa 2.75 The Ad-Hoc Networks in Security- Sensitive Applications using Tam:A Tiered Authentication of Multicast Protocol http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2016/35.pdf
36 Mr.Sudhakar R 3 Training and development programmes in IT company and its role in aggrandizing employee performance http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2016/36.pdf
37 Ms.G. Brindha 2.5 Investigation On Tribological And Corrosion Behaviour Of Aluminium Hybrid Composites http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2016/37.pdf
38 Mr.E. Raja 2.75 Emission control in Bio-Fuels http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2016/38.pdf
39 Mr.D. Mohankumar 1.5 Vehical suspension system simulation and analysis http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2016/39.pdf
40 Ms.K.S. Beena 3 A study on process, problems and prospects of medical tourisms in South India http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2016/40.pdf
41 Mr.M. Ramamurthi 2 The impact of strategy implementation in budget hotels in Chennai http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2016/41.pdf
42 Mr.C.S. Gowtham Chakravarthy 1.75 Impact of Psychological factors in investment decisions http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2016/42.pdf
43 Mr.Boggadi Nagarjuna Reddy 2.25 Analog and mixed signal circuit design using different methodologies http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2016/43.pdf
44 Mr.Jawahar Thomas, A 3 Reuse of advanced treated sewage for seawater intrusion barrier - A case study http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2016/44.pdf
45 Ms.C. Sangeeta 2 Evaluation of the anti-microbial and anti-cancer activity from selected Indian Edible Plants http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2016/45.pdf
46 Mr.S.D. Inbaraj 2.5 Incretin enhancing and anthyperglycemic activity of ocimum sanctum, trigonella foenicum craecum, hibiscus rosasinensis and allium cepa extrat in albino rat http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2016/46.pdf
47 Ms.Farhana Rahman 2 Influence of Pharmacogenetics in Hpertension: Antihypertensive drugs and its effect on blood pressure dynamics on patients in tertiary health care system http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2016/47.pdf
48 Mr.N. Anandaramajayan 1.75 A study on the effect of Cynodon dactylon IN Estradiol Valerate (EV) induced polycystic ovary in wistar albino rats http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2016/48.pdf
49 Ms.K. Lakshmi 2 Prevalence of Vaginal Candidiasis in diabetic patients attending a tertiary care hospital http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2016/49.pdf
50 Mr.J. Dhanasekar 3 Optimization of robot grasping synthesis for novel objects using soft computing techniques http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2016/50.pdf
51 Ms.E. Suguna 2.5 Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML): Genetic and chromosomal profiling. http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2016/51.pdf
52 Dr. Sathyapriya 3.5 Anatomical variations in relevance to dentistry http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2016/52.pdf
53 Dr. Saravakumar 2 Epidemiology and treatment outcome of mandibular third molar impaction http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2016/53.pdf
54 Dr. Hemalatha VT 3.5 Outcome of therapy of premalignant lesion in chennai population http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2016/54.pdf
55 Dr. Rajesh 3 Oral Submucous fibrosis – A histological survey http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2016/55.pdf
56 Dr. Aravinda Babu 3 Survey of Oral manifestations of syphilis http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2016/56.pdf
57 Dr. Venkatesh S 2 Prevalence of multiple canals in maxillary anterior teeth http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2016/57.pdf
58 Mr.Shirke S.D 2 Review of IRIS recognition techniques http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2016/58.pdf
59 Ms.Aarthi Harini T 2.5 Review on mitigation of air pollution in sponge iron industries http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2016/59.pdf
60 Ms.Aarthi Harini T 2.75 Experimental study on utilisation of ceramic wastes in concrete http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2016/60.pdf
61 Ms.Ambica A 3.5 Groundwater quality assessment using water quality index and GIS, Maduravoyal, Chennai, India http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2016/61.pdf
62 Ms.Anbuselvi S 3 Medical garbage soil and its neutralization by cowdung http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2016/62.pdf
63 Ms.Anitha Sampathkumar 2 Three stage induction engine drive system utilizing converter SVPWM inverter fed from photovoltaic panel http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2016/63.pdf
64 Ms.Arunya A 3 Enhancement of durability properties of bioconcrete incorporated with nano silica http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2016/64.pdf
65 Ms.Aswathy M 2.25 Experimental study on light weight foamed concrete http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2016/65.pdf
66 Ms.Aswathy M 3 Wastewater treatment using constructed wetland with water lettuce (Eichornia Crasipies) http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2016/66.pdf
67 Ms.Balambica V 3.5 Analysis of a spur gear with NX NASTRAN http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2016/67.pdf
68 Ms.Balambica V 2.5 Static analysis of slotted springs http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2016/68.pdf
69 Ms.Balambica V 2.75 Design and analysis of an epicyclic gear train using corrected gears http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2016/69.pdf
70 Ms.Chitra R 1.5 Analysis of traffic and management at Kovilambakkam intersection http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2016/70.pdf
71 Ms.Chitra R 3 Experimental study on beam using steel fiber and latex http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2016/71.pdf
72 Mr.Das M.P 2 Evaluation of antibacterial efficacy of biogenic zinc oxide nanoparticles on cotton fabrics http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2016/72.pdf
73 Mr.Dayakar P 3 An experimental study on effect of cone diameters in penetration test on sandy soil http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2016/73.pdf
74 Mr.Dhanasekar J 2.25 Design of bio-potential data acquisition system for the physically challenged http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2016/74.pdf
75 Mr.Elankavi R 3 Data mining with big data revolution hybrid http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2016/75.pdf
76 Mr.Gopalakrishnan G 2 A study on maternity benefit and its effectiveness in construction industry http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2016/76.pdf
77 Mr.Govindarajulu K 2 The importance of knowledge management in the government training institution and its issues &challenges - A case study http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2016/77.pdf
78 Ms.Hemalatha S.B 2.5 Genetic algorithm based on-chip communication link reconfiguration for efficient on-chip communication http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2016/78.pdf
79 Mr.Ilayaraja K 2.75 Site suitability assessment for residential areas in south Chennai region using remote sensing and GIS techniques http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2016/79.pdf
80 Mr.Ilayaraja K 3 Morphometric parameters of micro watershed in Paravanar sub-basin, Cuddalore District http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2016/80.pdf
81 Mr.Indiran V 3 Transient global amnesia http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2016/81.pdf
82 Mr.Jain N 2 The effectiveness of cloud databases http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2016/82.pdf
83 Ms.Jasmin M 3.5 Fuzzy controller for error control of on - Chip communication http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2016/83.pdf
84 Ms.Jayalakshmi V 3.5 Picture growth intuitionist Fuzzy that is making use of reconstruction http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2016/84.pdf
85 Ms.Jayamalini K 3 Research on web data mining concepts, techniques and applications http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2016/85.pdf
86 Mr.Kalaiprasath R 3.5 Cloud security and compliance - A semantic approach in end to end security http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2016/86.pdf
87 Ms.Kamalambigeswari R 2.5 Evolutionary study of lymphatic filarial parasites through amplification of ITS2 region of ribosomal RNA cistron http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2016/87.pdf
88 Ms.Kavitha R 3 Domain-specific Search engine optimization using healthcare ontology and a neural network backpropagation approach http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2016/88.pdf
89 Mr.Kharabe S.R 3.5 Human image segmentation http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2016/89.pdf
90 Ms.Kiruthiga K 3.5 Study on high performance concrete with replacement of fine aggregate by manufactured sand http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2016/90.pdf
91 Mr.Manavalan S 3 Processing of Neem and Jatropha Methyl Esters -Alternative Fuels from Vegetable Oil http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2016/91.pdf
92 Mr.Manik K.R 2.75 Methodology for design of optimum NOC based on IPG http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2016/92.pdf
93 Mr.Manikandan J 2.5 Design on blind shoe using ATMEGA328 micro controller http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2016/93.pdf
94 Mr.Manikandan A 3 Enhanced opto-magneto properties of NixMg1-xFe2O4 (0.0 ≤ × ≤ 1.0) ferrites nano-catalysts http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2016/94.pdf
95 Mr.Manikandan A 3.5 Imidazolium based ionic liquids' structure and optical properties influenced by semiconductor metal oxide thin films http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2016/95.pdf
96 Mr.Manikandan A 2.5 Formation of functional nanofibrous electrospun polyurethane and murivenna oil with improved haemocompatibility for wound healing http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2016/96.pdf
97 Mr.Marikkannnan S 3 Hardware estimator for HDL language http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2016/97.pdf
98 Mr.Meikandaan T.P 2.75 Use of glass FRP sheets as external flexural reinforcement in RCC Beam http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2016/98.pdf
99 Mr.Muniappan M 2.5 Anti-fungal activity of a secondary metabolite of lawsonia alba and its derivatives – An in-silico study http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2016/99.pdf
100 Mr.Muthamizhan T 2.75 Implementation of hang regulatorbased power division for a microgrid with disseminatedpower generations http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2016/100.pdf
101 Mr.Muthiah M 3.5 A rare case of urachal cyst in a 35 year old male—A case report http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2016/101.pdf
102 Mr.Prabhakar Reddy E 2.5 Oxidative stress markers and inflammatory markers in chronic renal failure http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2016/102.pdf
103 Mr.Pradeep Saravanan S 3.5 Technical development in modern construction industry http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2016/103.pdf
104 Mr.Prakash S 2.5 Enhancement in energy system stability with the utilization of facts devices http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2016/104.pdf
105 Mr.Prakash S 3.25 Speed control of DC engine PID that is utilizing controller - A review http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2016/105.pdf
106 Mr.Prasaad P.R 3.5 Short-duration Papanicolaou stain (SPS)—an alternative to conventional Papanicolaou stain in routine cytopathology? http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2016/106.pdf
107 Mr.Rajendran N 2.75 Smooth switching bidirectional DC-DC converters for hybrid electrical vehicles with improved voltage levels http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2016/107.pdf
108 Mr.Rajesh S 1.5 Design of a steel foot over bridge in a railway station http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2016/108.pdf
109 Mr.Ram Krishna Rao M 2.75 Toxicity study of one sidhha preparation, “Nathai parpam” http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2016/109.pdf
110 Mr.Rao M.R.K 2.5 The GC MS analysis of one medicinal plant, premna tomentosa http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2016/110.pdf
111 Mr.Rao M.R.K 2.75 Antioxidant study of one ayurvedic preparation Katakakhadiradi Kashayam http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2016/111.pdf
112 Ms.Rebecca J 3.5 Phytochemical biochemical and antimicrobial activty of Psidium Guajava leaf extract http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2016/112.pdf
113 Mr.Salma Mahaboob R 2.5 Study of oxidative stress and inflammation in haemodialysis patients http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2016/113.pdf
114 Ms.Sangeetha A 3.75 A novel approach: Various classifications in web mining using diagnosis of faults in electromechanical devices from vibration measurements http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2016/114.pdf
115 Mr.Saravanan S.P 3.5 Improving safety performance in construction industry http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2016/115.pdf
116 Ms.Saritha B 3 Analysis of groundwater quality in and around Tambaram taluk, Kancheepuram district http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2016/116.pdf
117 Mr.Sathya N 3.5 Three phase hybrid AI-heuristics for mTSP in network problems http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2016/117.pdf
118 Ms.Sherine S 3.5 Design and growth of a semiautonomous army battling car http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2016/118.pdf
119 Ms.Shruthi M.V 3.25 Seismic response of buried pipe lines and preparation of seismic resistant joint http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2016/119.pdf
120 Ms.Shruthi M.V 3.5 Determination of stress factors of a overhead circular water tank considering an axisymmetric element http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2016/120.pdf
121 Mr.Siva Shankar S 3.5 Puzzle based highly secure steganography http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2016/121.pdf
122 Ms.Subbiya A 3 Effect of three different rotary instrumentation systems on postinstrumentation pain: A randomized clinical trial http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2016/122.pdf
123 Mr.Tulip D.R.E 3.5 Study on various technologies in wastewater treatment http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2016/123.pdf
124 Mr.Udayakumar R 3.5 A new approach for cloud data security: From single to Cloud-of-Clouds http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2016/124.pdf
125 Mr.Venkatesh A 3 Ephebodontics: A little-known branch of dentistry http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2016/125.pdf
126 Mr.Vijayaragavan S.P 3.5 An investigative expert that's general FBG sensors http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2016/126.pdf
127 Mr.Vino V.J.A 3.25 Optimisation of carbon/epoxy drive shaft http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2016/127.pdf
Research Advisory Committee (RAC)

Seed Money (2017 - 2018 ) :

S.No Staff Name Amount
(in Lakhs)
Title Link
1 Dr. R. Srikumar 1 High-Level Mupirocin Resistance in Staphylococcus spp. among Health Care Workers in a Tertiary Care Hospital http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2017/1.pdf
2 Dr. E. Prabhakar Reddy 1 Dietary: Nutritional Principles and Exercise Habits of Type 2 Diabetes in Puducherry Population http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2017/2.pdf
3 Dr. R. Vijaykumar 1 Effect of Saraswatarishta on sleep deprivation induced behavioral changes in mice http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2017/3.pdf
4 Dr. Naveen Kumar 1 A Comparative Study on Normal Symptomatic Medication with Andrographis Paniculata (Nila-Vembu) Extract on Platelets Count in Thrombocytopenia Patient affected from Dengue Fever http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2017/4.pdf
5 Dr. Swathi 1 Screening of Chlamydia trachomatis Infection among Childbearing Age Group Women in a Tertiary Center in South India http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2017/5.pdf
6 Dr. E. Prabhakar Reddy 1 Evaluation of Thyroid Hormone Levels Before and After Thyroidectomy http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2017/6.pdf
7 Dr. Anandaramajayan 1 GC/MS Analysis of Bioactive Compounds in Aqueous Extract of Cynodon Dactylon http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2017/7.pdf
8 Dr. Rajesh 1 Effectiveness of Video Assisted Teaching on Knowledge, Attitude and Practice among Primary Caregivers of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2017/8.pdf
9 Dr. T. Mohanalakshmi, 1 Lp(A) Levels In Diabetes And Metabolic Syndrome http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2017/9.pdf
10 Dr. S. Jai Kumar 1 Effect of ethanolic leaf extract of ipomoea sepiaria on sexual behaviour in male wistar albino rats http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2017/10.pdf
11 Ms.S. Jayakumari 3 Etiopathogenesis of Ovarian Dysfunction Using Anthropometric Measurements, Life Style Factors and Various Biomarkers http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2017/11.pdf
12 Mr.T. Thanigasalam 3.5 Enhancement of Security for the Topology Maintenance Protocols in WSN http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2017/12.pdf
13 Mr.Rajakumari K 3.5 A Novel Approach for Face Recognition Technique Using Various Pattern Models and Enhancing their Performance http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2017/13.pdf
14 Mr.Ravindhar S 2.75 Digitizing Architectural Design Process - A Perspective View http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2017/14.pdf
15 Mr.Thirunavukkarasu S 3 Design of Network Traffic Models for Optimal Management http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2017/15.pdf
16 Dr. M. Sundararajan 3.5 VLSI Implementation Of High Throughput And Low Power Blowish Crypto Algorithm http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2017/16.pdf
17 Mr.D.Venkataramaraju 2.9 A Study of Factors Influencing Organisational Climate in A selected company http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2017/17.pdf
18 Mr.M.P. Chockkalingam 3.75 SWAT Modeling for Hydrological Components and Discharge Rate to Ujjani Reservoir http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2017/18.pdf
19 Ms.C. Nalini 2.25 Development of CNN Based on Deep Learning and Image Pre-Processing http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2017/19.pdf
20 Mr.V. Khanaa 2.5 A Study on Supervised Machine Learning Algorithm to Improvise Intrusion Detection Systems for Mobile Ad-hoc Networks http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2017/20.pdf
21 Mr.S. Prakash 2.7 Development of Intelligent Algorithm to Find Elements of Tooth Pathology from Intra Oral Radiographic Images on Extraction of Featured Data http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2017/21.pdf
22 Dr. R. Srikumar 3 A Study on the Prevalence of Listeriosis Among High Risk Group Individuals in and Around Puducherry, India http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2017/22.pdf
23 Mr.K.P. Kaliyamurthie 2.75 Development of Intelligent Algorithm to Find Osteoporosis Susceptibility from Orthopantomogram http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2017/23.pdf
24 Mr.S. Selvakumar Raja 3.5 Improving Safety on Highways by Customizing Vehicular ADHOC Networks http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2017/24.pdf
25 Ms.C. Nalini 3.75 Gradient Boosted Non-rigid Registration for Finger Vein Authentication http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2017/25.pdf
26 Mr.Rabiyathul Basariya 3.5 The Effectiveness of Training and Development on Employee’s Performance in IT Sector with Special Reference to Chennai City http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2017/26.pdf
27 Dr. M. Muniappan 3 Evaluation of Anti-Fungal Properties of a Polyherbal Preparation http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2017/27.pdf
28 Dr. WMS Johnson 3.5 Anatomical Asymmetries & intelligence Among Right and Left Handers in Kanyakumari District http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2017/28.pdf
29 Dr. Prabhakar Reddy 2.75 Evaluation of Oxidative Stress and Inflammatory Markers in Chronic Renal Failure (CRF) and Maintenance Haemodialysis (MHD) Patients http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2017/29.pdf
30 Mr.M. Viswanathan 3.5 Clear energies development in built enviornment http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2017/30.pdf
31 Mr.A. Manikandan 2.5 Evaluation of anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory herbal drugs in hepatic cancer http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2017/31.pdf
32 Mr.T. Siva Ilango 2.75 Community based epidemological study to assess the prevalence, comorbidities , quality of life and disease burden among persons suffering from cognitive disorder in a rural geriatric population http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2017/32.pdf
33 Mr.V.C. Jain 3 The importance of teaching English language skills for engineering students - their impact and utility value http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2017/33.pdf
34 Ms.P. Antony Lyla 3.5 Growth and characterization of doped BFO thinfilms http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2017/34.pdf
35 Ms.C.R. Marcelin Vasantha 2.9 English usage for effective communication in Indian journalism to reach their target audience specifically in "The Hindu" , "Femina" and "Business Today" http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2017/35.pdf
36 Dr. Balakrishnan R 3 Direct sinus lift augmentation with autogenous bone graft and freeze-dried demineralized bone graft, http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2017/36.pdf
37 Dr. Senthil Nathan R 3 Extraction outcome in Diabetes Mellitus http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2017/37.pdf
38 Dr. Thulasi Ram E 3.5 prevalence of skeletal class III malocclusion http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2017/38.pdf
39 Dr. Sankarnarayanan 3.5 Point of care device for detecting diseases from saliva http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2017/39.pdf
40 Dr. Sreedevi V 3.5 Outcome of complete denture prosthodontics in special patients http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2017/40.pdf
41 Dr. Jayasree Krupa 3.5 Serum Uric Acid Level in Oral Cancer Patients http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2017/41.pdf
42 Mr. Johnson W.M.S 2.75 Cross laterality: Handedness, footedness and foot overlapping http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2017/42.pdf
43 Ms.Aarathy T.S 1.5 Employee perception towards performance appraisal system in IT sector http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2017/43.pdf
44 Ms.Aarthinisha. V 2.5 Estimation of random blood glucose from gingival crevicular blood-a cross sectional, diagnostic study http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2017/44.pdf
45 Mr.Abraham Subaraj. M 2.65 The corrosion rate of B 4 C particles reinforced with Al-Si alloyprepared by powder metallurgy in acidic solution using RSM http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2017/45.pdf
46 Mr.Anand. D 3.5 Performance of circular to non circular shape scramjet isolators http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2017/46.pdf
47 Mr.Aswath. N 3.5 A novel ROGDI gene mutation is associated with Kohlschutter-Tonz syndrome http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2017/47.pdf
48 Mr.Balaji. V 3.75 Finite element model based On 2D-deform software for the analysis for cutting temperature, and cutting forces in cryogenic CO2 coolant in conventional machining http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2017/48.pdf
49 Mr.Balakrishnan. G 3.25 Microstructural and mechanical properties of Al2O3/ZrO2 nanomultilayer thin films prepared by pulsed laser deposition http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2017/49.pdf
50 Ms.Balambica V 3.5 A review of heat transfer in compression ignition engine by applying various injection pressure http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2017/50.pdf
51 Ms.Balambica V 3.5 A study on diesel engine performance depends on BP and BSFC by applying different injection pressure http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2017/51.pdf
52 Ms.Balambica V 3.5 Influence of stresses in a modified non-metallic spur gear pair http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2017/52.pdf
53 Ms.Beena K.S 3 Factor leads medical tourists to choose Chennai hospitals as medical tourism destination http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2017/53.pdf
54 Ms.Beulah Hemalatha. S 3 Reconfigurable on-chip communication link for efficient communication http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2017/54.pdf
55 Ms.Bycil. V.J 3.8 Modelling and signature analysis of vibration energy harvesting system using electromagnetic energy conversion http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2017/55.pdf
56 Mr.Das. M.P 3 Removal of methylene blue by adsorption using fish scale chitin http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2017/56.pdf
57 Mr.Dhamodaran. K 3.5 Conceptual development of flapping wing for unmanned aerial vehicles: Technical note http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2017/57.pdf
58 Mr.Dilli Arasu. S 3.75 Efficient fuzzy frequent pattern tree mining technique to predict chronic kidney diseases http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2017/58.pdf
59 Ms.Divyabarathi. P 3.5 Infra-red thermography based inspection of hybrid composite laminates under flexure loading http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2017/59.pdf
60 Mr.Ethiraj. D 3 Trousseau's sign in the left internal jugular vein in gastric cancer http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2017/60.pdf
61 Ms.Glory Josephine. I 3.5 Alpha-amylase and alpha-glucosidase inhibitory effects of calliandra haematocephala and its potential role in diabetes mellitus http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2017/61.pdf
62 Mr.Harish. S 3.5 Performance and emission characteristics investigation of oxygen enrichment in diesel engines http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2017/62.pdf
63 Ms.Hemalatha. V.T 3 Evaluation of the effect of menopause on saliva and dry mouth-A cross sectional study http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2017/63.pdf
64 Mr.Inbaraj. S.D 3.75 Effect of trigonella foenum graecum on Αlpha-glucosidase and dipeptidyl peptidase-iv inhibitory activity-an in vitro study http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2017/64.pdf
65 Mr.Indiran. V 3.5 Enhanced peritoneal stripe sign http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2017/65.pdf
66 Mr.Jaikumar. S 3 Caffeine usage among late adolescence: An experience from a single tertiary care hospital http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2017/66.pdf
67 Mr.Kannan. T 3.5 Priority Based Minimum Delay Algorithm for Channel Allocation in MIMO-OFDM System http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2017/67.pdf
68 Mr.Karthick. R 3.5 A novel 3-D-IC test architecture-a review http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2017/68.pdf
69 Srikumar R 3.5 Assessment of hand washing practices among school going children-a cross sectional study from india http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2017/69.pdf
70 Mr.Kharabe. S 3.5 An efficient study on various biometric methods http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2017/70.pdf
71 Mr.Kodmelwar. M.K 2.9 A deep learning modified neural network used for efficient effort estimation http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2017/71.pdf
72 Mr.Krishnasamy. L 2.75 Isolation and identification of candida species in patients with vulvovaginal candidiasis http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2017/72.pdf
73 Ms.Krithiga. R 3.8 Oxygen vacancies induced room temperature ferromagnetism in Li, Na and K co-doped ZnO synthesized by solution combustion technique http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2017/73.pdf
74 Mr.Kumar. S.S 3 Experimental evaluation of magnetorheological damper characteristics for vibration analysis http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2017/74.pdf
75 Mr.Lakshmi Vara Prasad. G 3.5 Mobility aware MAC protocol for providing energy efficiency and stability in mobile WSN http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2017/75.pdf
76 Ms.Lalithadevi. B. 3.8 Antioxidant activity of conjugated linoleic acid http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2017/76.pdf
77 Ms.Lincy. G 3.5 The economic benefit analysis to the consumer and utility due to PV generation connected to the radial distribution system http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2017/77.pdf
78 Ms.Mahalakshmi. K 3 Detection of Tannerella forsythia bspA and prtH genotypes among periodontitis patients and healthy subjects—A case—Control study http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2017/78.pdf
79 Mr.Manavalan S 3 Assessment of combustion, performance and emission features of biodiesel in a thermal barrier coated diesel engine http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2017/79.pdf
80 Mr.Mani Sundar. N 3 Comparison of salivary nitric oxide levels among smokers and non-smokers in chronic periodontitis-a biochemical study http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2017/80.pdf
81 Mr.Manikandan A 3.5 Effect of surfactants (PVB/EDTA/CTAB) assisted sol-gel synthesis on structural, magnetic and dielectric properties of NiFe2O4 nanoparticles http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2017/81.pdf
82 Mr.Manikandan. A 3.5 Effect of lattice strain on structure, morphology and magneto-dielectric properties of spinel NiGdxFe2−xO4 ferrite nano-crystallites synthesized by sol-gel route http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2017/82.pdf
83 Mr.Manikandan. A 3 Structural, morphological and magneto-optical properties of CuMoO4 electrochemical nanocatalyst as supercapacitor electrode http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2017/83.pdf
84 Mr.Manikandan. A 2.75 Magneto Optical Properties and Hyperfine Interactions of Cr3+ Ion Substituted Copper Ferrite Nanoparticles http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2017/84.pdf
85 Mr.Manikandan. A 3.8 Effect of zinc precursor ratio on morphology and luminescent properties of ZnO nanoparticles synthesized in CTAB medium http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2017/85.pdf
86 Mr.Manikandan. A 3 Facile solvothermal synthesis of BiOI microsquares as a novel electrode material for supercapacitor applications http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2017/86.pdf
87 Mr.Meikandaan. T.P 3.5 Experimental study on strengthening of rc beams using glass Fiber http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2017/87.pdf
88 Mr.Narasimhan. K 3.75 A secure data sharing source scheme for dynamic groups in the cloud http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2017/88.pdf
89 Mr.Narendar. R 3.5 Coir pith/nylon/epoxy hybrid composites and their thermal properties: Thermogravimetric analysis, thermal ageing, and heat deflection temperature http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2017/89.pdf
90 Mr.Nimal. R.J.G.R 3 Microstructural, mechanical and metallurgical analysis of Al interlayer coating on Mg-Al alloy using diffusion bonding http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2017/90.pdf
91 Mr.Palaniraj. K 3.75 Brand name in consistency of market share and consumer decision http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2017/91.pdf
92 Mr.Prabakaran. P 3.5 Present tendency of inorganic metal traces in the atmosphere of Chennai City http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2017/92.pdf
93 Mr.Prabhakar S 3 Effect of injection pressure and injection timing in performance and emission characteristics in di engine using blend of methyl esters of algae http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2017/93.pdf
94 Mr.Prakash Arul Jose. J 3.5 A new construction methodology based convective heat transformer enhancement and emission reduction and power reservoir systems http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2017/94.pdf
95 Srineevasulu Reddy 3.5 Evaluation of differentiation tests for mycobacterium tuberculosis from non tuberculous mycobacteria by MPT64 TB rapid test and selective inhibition with p-nitrobenzoic acid http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2017/95.pdf
96 Mr.Raghavendra. C 2.75 Multi model security system: QR and Iris systems http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2017/96.pdf
97 Ms.Rajakumari. K 2.5 The analysis of training and testing PCA image using face recognition with ORL-dataset http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2017/97.pdf
98 Ms.Rajakumari. K 2.75 The PCA component in euclidean distance using 3D face recognitions http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2017/98.pdf
99 Ms.Rajasulochana. P 3.5 Factors affecting the performance of microbial fuel cells http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2017/99.pdf
100 Ms.Rajasulochana. P 3.5 Recent developments in microbial fuel cells http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2017/100.pdf
101 Mr.Rajkumar. R 3 Analysis of effective security management system in cloud computing http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2017/101.pdf
102 Mr.Ramasamy. P 3.5 Green larvicides against blowflies, Lucilia sericata (Diptera, Calliphoridae): Screening of seven plants used in Indian ethno-veterinary medicine and production of green-coated zinc oxide nanoparticles http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2017/102.pdf
103 Ms.Revathi. R 2.75 Correlation of serum copper, zinc, magnesium with insulin resistance in Pcos female of reproductive age group http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2017/103.pdf
104 Mr.Sankarapillai. J 3 Effect of Trigonella foenum gracecum (Fenugreek) seed extract in experimentally induced gastric ulcer in wistar rats http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2017/104.pdf
105 Ms.Saritha. B 2.5 Photodegradation of methylene blue dye in aqueous medium by Fe-AC/TiO2 Composite http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2017/105.pdf
106 Mr.Selvan. M.A 2.5 Malicious node identification in mobile adhoc networks leveraging genetic algorithm and adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2017/106.pdf
107 Ms.Sharanya. K 3 Development of inhouse immunoblot method for detection of anti Salmonella antibody and comparison with Widal test http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2017/107.pdf
108 Mr.Sharath. K 3.5 Cytogenetic, epidemiological and clinical profile of children with Down syndrome in Karnataka http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2017/108.pdf
109 Mr.Sivakumar S. 3 Experimental analysis of brake induced vibration in the aircraft rolling: Technical note http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2017/109.pdf
110 Mr.Sivakumar. K 3.5 Numerical analysis of heat transfer characteristics with triangular cut twisted tape inserts http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2017/110.pdf
111 Mr.Sivasakthi. R 3 A knowledge torch on consumer preferences and distinctive problems and prospects of kanchipuram handloom products http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2017/111.pdf
112 Mr.Srikumar. R 3.5 Inducible clindamycin resistance among clinical isolates from a tertiary care hospital http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2017/112.pdf
113 Ms.Subasree. S 3.5 EMOPS: An enhanced multi-objective particle swarm based classifier for poorly understood cancer patterns http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2017/113.pdf
114 Mr.Sudhakar R 2.5 Theoretical framework on the effectiveness of training & development - “Review of literature” http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2017/114.pdf
115 Mr.Swaminathan. G 2.75 Role of non-consumable tool design on tensile properties of friction stir welded aluminium alloy joints http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2017/115.pdf
116 Ms.Thamarai P 3.5 Denoising of EEG, ECG and PPG signals using wavelet transform http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2017/116.pdf
117 Ms.Thulasi P 2.75 Factors influencing consumer behaviour for buying luxury cars http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2017/117.pdf
118 Mr.Vamsi Muni Krishna. P 3.75 Detection of vancomycin MIC by agar dilution in clinical isolates of MRSA showing reduced zone of inhibition by disk diffusion method http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2017/118.pdf
119 Mr.Venkataramaraju. D 3.5 Knowledge management practices and performance enhancement of employees in the software industry http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2017/119.pdf
120 Mr.Venkatesh Gobi. V 3 Agaricus blazei extract abrogates rotenone-induced dopamine depletion and motor deficits by its anti-oxidative and anti-inflammatory properties in Parkinsonic mice http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2017/120.pdf
121 Mr.Venkatesh. A 3.5 Smoking habits, oral hygiene practices, and self-perceived malodor among arts and science college students of Manimangalam, Chennai http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2017/121.pdf
122 Mr.Vijayakumar. R 3.5 Impact of body mass index on arterial stiffness in young prehypertensives: A cross sectional study http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2017/122.pdf
123 Mr.Indiran V 3.25 String sign of Kantor http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2017/123.pdf
Research Advisory Committee (RAC)

Seed Money (2018 - 2019 ) :

S.No Staff Name Amount
(in Lakhs)
Title Link
1 T. Vijayan 1 Diabetic Retinopathy on Retinal Fundus Images using Deep Learning Techniques with Inception V3 Architecture http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2018/1.pdf
2 S. Pothumani 1 Privacy Risk Reduction using Data sharing Mechanism in Big Data http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2018/2.pdf
3 N. Priya 1 A Novel and Efficient technique for Enhancin WSNS http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2018/3.pdf
4 K. Sathish Kumar 1 Design and Simulation of composite materials based leaf spring http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2018/4.pdf
5 A. Saravana Kumar 1 Qualitative analysis of composite materials through NDT testing http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2018/5.pdf
6 Mrs. E.Kowsalya 1 Synthetic waste water treatment by absorption http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2018/6.pdf
7 K.Sakthivel 1 Hybrid Renewable Generation System http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2018/7.pdf
8 Mr.T.P.Meikandan 1 Repair and Rehabilitation  of R.C beams http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2018/8.pdf
9 Mrs.D.Sharmila 1 A study on process, problems and prospects of medical tourisms in South India http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2018/9.pdf
10 Mr.J.Dhanasekar 1 Optimization of robot grasping synthesis http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2018/10.pdf
11 Dr. R. Srikumar 1 Molecular detection of Candida species by Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism (RFLP) analysis of PCR from HIV infected persons http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2018/11.pdf
12 Dr. E. Prabhakar Reddy 1 Uric Acid Level in Advanced Age of Patients with
Rheumatoid Arthritis
13 Dr. R. Vijaykumar, M.Sc Ph.D 1 The Relationship between Non-Linear Analysis of Heart Rate Variability, QT c Interval and   cardiovascular Risk Factors in Young Individuals with Pre-Diabetes http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2018/13.pdf
14 Dr. S. Latha, M.Sc Ph.D 1 Assessing the existing knowledge on diabetes to create awareness on its root cause http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2018/14.pdf
15 Dr. Naveen Kumar. 1 Virulence factors of Candida species isolated from pulmonary tuberculosis with Diabetes mellitus http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2018/15.pdf
16 Dr. Swathi 1 Diuretic activity of methanolic extract of leaves of Pedalium murex L. http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2018/16.pdf
17 Dr. Anandaramajayan 1 Regulation of estrous cycle by Cynodon dactylon in letrozole induced polycystic ovarian syndrome in Wistars albino rats http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2018/17.pdf
18 Dr. Rajesh 1 Extrinsic factors in regulation of adult hippocampal neurogenesis http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2018/18.pdf
19 Dr. T. Mohanalakshmi 1 A Study of Platelet Indices in Patients with Metabolic Syndrome and Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2018/19.pdf
20 Dr. S. Jai Kumar 1 Prevalence of Anemia Among Adolescent Girls in a Rural Area of Tamil Nadu, India http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2018/20.pdf
21 Dr.S. Praveen Kumar 3.5 Consumer Perception and Awareness of Consumer Protection Act – A Study With Reference to Fast Moving Consumer Goods in Chennai http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2018/21.pdf
22 Dr.A. Kumaravel 2.5 Enhanced Image Processing Techniques for Iris Based and Multimodal induced Security http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2018/22.pdf
23 Dr.A. Julius 2.75 Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Gingival Crevicular Blood As A Diagnostic tool for Estimation of Random Blood Glucose Levels in Diabetic Patients – A Cross Sectional, Diagnostic Study http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2018/23.pdf
24 Mr.Balaji S 3 Efficient communication in cloud using high performance computing system http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2018/24.pdf
25 Mr.S. Surya 3 Breast cancer detection on 3D mammogram using image techniques and ANN http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2018/25.pdf
26 Ms.R. Chitra 2.75 Behaviour of reinforced beam – column joint connections http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2018/26.pdf
27 Ms.N. Priya 3.5 An Efficient System Framework for Managing Identity in Educational System based on Blockchain Technology http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2018/27.pdf
28 Ms.Sangeetha S 3.5 Security in databases using cloud computing http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2018/28.pdf
29 Ms.R.Velvizhi 2 Examination of early feedbacks for effective product retailing on E-commerce websites http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2018/29.pdf
30 Ms.A. Arif Yezdani 2.75 Evaluation of biologic skeletal maturity indicators in the assessment of optimal treatment timing in functional jaw orthopedics http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2018/30.pdf
31 Ms.B. Kalaiselvi 2.5 Instrumented system mointoring techniques using Digital image processing http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2018/31.pdf
32 Ms.V.G. Vijaya 2.75 Robot path planning using heuristic approaches http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2018/32.pdf
33 Dr.Anitha M 2.5 Epidemiology of dental caries and its dependance on age in children below 15 years of age http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2018/33.pdf
34 Dr.Ramya 3 Salivary proteomics and its relation to disease severity in periodontitis http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2018/34.pdf
35 Dr.Prakash 3.5 Novel irrigants for endodontics http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2018/35.pdf
36 Dr.Thailavathy 3.9 Outcome of functional appliance therapy and its dependance on age http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2018/36.pdf
37 Dr.Jayamathi 3 Siddha drugs in treatment of dental pain http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2018/37.pdf
38 Dr.N.P. Prabhu 3.5 Outcome of third molar extraction above 40 years of age http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2018/38.pdf
39 Mr.Kamaraj P 2.75 Green synthesis, characterization of yttrium oxide, stannous oxide, yttrium doped tin oxide and tin doped yttrium oxide nanoparticles and their biological activities http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2018/39.pdf
40 Ms.Sharmila S 3.5 Extraction of omega-3 fatty acid-methyl stearate from soil fungi (Fusarium sp.) http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2018/40.pdf
41 Ms.Aarthi Suriya 3 Implementation of interleaved three stage boost converter fed dc drive with zero-voltage transition http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2018/41.pdf
42 Mr.Adaikalaraj A 2.8 A comparative analysis of the flow pattern using flue gases and water inside economizer http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2018/42.pdf
43 Mr.Allin Geo A.V 3.5 An exploration unification in of Lambda calculus with Confirmed VOIP http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2018/43.pdf
44 Ms.Anbuselvi S 2.75 The beneficial role of vermicompost on groundnut germination http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2018/44.pdf
45 Mr.Anish, C 3.5 Flexural behavior of partially replaced prosopis juliflora concrete http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2018/45.pdf
46 Mr.Arumugam, S 2.75 Biodegradable dendrimer functionalized carbon nanotube-hybrids for biomedical applications http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2018/46.pdf
47 Ms.Arunya A 3.5 Properties of concrete using eggshell powder and glass powder as a cement replacement http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2018/47.pdf
48 Mr.Balakrishnan G 2.5 Green synthesis of copper nanocrystallites using Triphala Churna and their antimicrobial studies http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2018/48.pdf
49 Ms.Balambica V 2.75 Static analysis of spur gear for varying correction factors and module http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2018/49.pdf
50 Ms.Balambica V 3.5 Design and efficiency of an asymmetric gear http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2018/50.pdf
51 Mr.Chandraboss V.L 2.75 Design and synthesis of Core-Shell Zn@SiO2Nanoparticles and its photocatalytic performance http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2018/51.pdf
52 Mr.Chelliah S.K 2.5 Characterization of failure mechanism in glass, carbon and their hybrid composite laminates in epoxy resin by acoustic emission monitoring http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2018/52.pdf
53 Ms.Chitra R 2.75 A behaviour of axially loaded steel concrete composite long columns with basalt fiber http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2018/53.pdf
54 Mr.Durairaj V.P 3.5 Quality management through six sigma method http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2018/54.pdf
55 Mr.Durairaj V.P 3 Optimization of surface finish on grinding outer diameter http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2018/55.pdf
56 Ms.Geetha C 2.75 A methodology for the development of information retrieval systems http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2018/56.pdf
57 Ms.Geetha C 3.5 An energy efficient confinement relying upon indoor/outdoor context for OS mechanism http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2018/57.pdf
58 Ms.Grace A.G 2.75 Shortened treatment regimens versus the standard regimen for drug-sensitive pulmonary tuberculosis http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2018/58.pdf
59 Mr.Hasen D 2.5 Computational analysis of mixing in scramjet combustor using cross flow injection technique http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2018/59.pdf
60 Ms.Hema R 2.75 IoT based gas detection in home environment http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2018/60.pdf
61 Ms.Jasmin M 3 Leaf disease analysis using smart system http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2018/61.pdf
62 Ms.Jayalakshmi T 2.5 Prediction and calculation of physiochemical properties using structural bioinformatics and asap tools http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2018/62.pdf
63 Ms.Jayalakshmi V 2.75 A control scheme for current with cancellation of back EMF and tracing fault adapted commutation shift for SRM drive http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2018/63.pdf
64 Mr.Jeevarathan J 3.5 Intranasal local anaesthesia: A recent advancement in pediatric dentistry http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2018/64.pdf
65 Ms.Jeyapriya D 2.75 Image resurrection on the basis of array methodologies http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2018/65.pdf
66 Mr.Jose Ananth Vino V 2.5 Analysis of tube failure in economizer and super heater tube in thermal power station http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2018/66.pdf
67 Ms.Kalaiselvi B 2.75 Utilization of labview in MIMO control for multiple tanks level measurement system http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2018/67.pdf
68 Mr.Kaliyamurthie K.P 3.5 Development of sequential methodology for understanding the thin clients http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2018/68.pdf
69 Ms.Kamalambigeswari R 2.5 Lipase production from Enterobacter sp. http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2018/69.pdf
70 Mr.Kannan S 2.75 Fuzzy based smart greenhouse hydroponic control system using IoT and cloud technology http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2018/70.pdf
71 Mr.Karthikeyan R 3.5 Buffeting analysis of typical aircraft wing using ansys http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2018/71.pdf
72 Ms.Kerana Hanirex D 2.75 A study on emerging technology internet of things (IOT): An overview of architecture and security issues http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2018/72.pdf
73 Ms.Kiruthiga K 3 Analysis of time delay and cost overrun in road construction http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2018/73.pdf
74 Mr.Kishore Kanna R 2.5 Technical research on skin deficiencies using medical image processing applications http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2018/74.pdf
75 Mr.Kripa N 3.5 Triggered activity of robot with acquired and analysed brainwaves http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2018/75.pdf
76 Mr.Lakshmikandhan T 2.75 Development of functionalized SiO2–TiO2 reinforced cardanol and caprolactam modified diamine based polybenzoxazine nanocomposites for high performance applications http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2018/76.pdf
77 Ms.Lakshmisree A.G 3.5 Evaluation of intensity of LED curing light on the depth of cure of composite-an in vitro study http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2018/77.pdf
78 Mr.Lenin Rakesh N 2.5 Effect of mechanical analysis of magnesium AZ 80 alloy and aluminium 7075 alloy using diffusion bonding http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2018/78.pdf
79 Mr.Magesan P 2.75 Nanosilver loaded oxide nanoparticles for antibacterial application http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2018/79.pdf
80 Mr.Manavalan S 3.75 Failure analysis in high pressure feed water heaters and method to find the defect in tubes http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2018/80.pdf
81 Mr.Manikandan A 2.8 Design of drug molecule based structure for smad 3 protein and its insilico research of leukemia utilizing bioinformatics software http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2018/81.pdf
82 Mr.Manikandan J 3.5 Comparison of static and dynamic neural network models in predicting outlet temperature of shell and tube heat exchanger http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2018/82.pdf
83 Ms.Manimozhi V 2.5 Most used aspects of the design elements in drawing by visual communication students http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2018/83.pdf
84 Mr.Manoj Prasath T 2.75 Development in Nimbus mattress http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2018/84.pdf
85 Ms.Mary Linda I 3 Capacity side of the point evaluation utilizing programming item estimation http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2018/85.pdf
86 Ms.Meenakshi C.M 3.5 Variation in heat deflection behaviour of alkali treated and untreated hybrid fibre reinforced composites http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2018/86.pdf
87 Mr.Meikandaan T.P 2.8 Analysis of RC beams repaired with CFRP laminates http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2018/87.pdf
88 Mr.Parthasarathy S 3.5 Antibiotic resistance-as a threat to the future and its role in dentistry http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2018/88.pdf
89 Mr.Paul Das M 2.75 Extraction of enzyme from gracilaria corticata and chladophora vagabunda http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2018/89.pdf
90 Mr.Paulraj P 3 Single pot synthesis, characterization of PPy@C composites modified electrode for the electrocatalytic determination of ascorbic acid in commercial fruit samples http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2018/90.pdf
91 Ms.Pavithra J 3.5 Analysis of investments http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2018/91.pdf
92 Ms.Philomina S 2.5 Automatic damaged number plate recognition system in image processing http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2018/92.pdf
93 Ms.Priya V 2.75 Modeling and simulation of gas liquid absorption column for So2 removal process http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2018/93.pdf
94 Ms.Balamurugan R 3 Novel Protocols using Augmented Security for Topology Maintenance in WSN http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2018/94.pdf
95 Mr.Rajesh S 1.9 Study and aspects of hydraulic weir http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2018/95.pdf
96 Mr.Rakesh N.L 2.3 Design and analysis of automotive air-conditioning system http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2018/96.pdf
97 Mr.Ramesh G 3.5 A comparative study to determine the wettability of different impression materials http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2018/97.pdf
98 Ms.Rashmi J 3.5 Basic results of convex category theory http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2018/98.pdf
99 Mr.Ravi D 2.5 CFD simulation of solar loading in car http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2018/99.pdf
100 Dr.Rebecca J 2.75 Production of animal feed protein from vignaunguriculata and cicerarietinum http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2018/100.pdf
101 Mr.Rejus Kumar A.V 3.8 Design and analysis of solar refrigeration system impaired by Chloro-Fluoro refrigerants http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2018/101.pdf
102 Mr.Sabarish R 3 The design and analysis of piston - Steady state thermal analysis using “ansys” http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2018/102.pdf
103 Mr.Sampathkumar Anitha 3.5 Analysis of the small signal stability of the power system connected with wind generators http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2018/103.pdf
104 Ms.Sangeetha M 3.75 Fuzzy-logic method and sliding-mode control for induction motor http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2018/104.pdf
105 Ms.Saritha B 3.5 Degradation of anionic dye using Fe/Tio2 composite by photocatalysis http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2018/105.pdf
106 Mr.Seevakan K 3 Structural, magnetic and electrochemical characterizations of Bi2Mo2O9 nanoparticle for supercapacitor application http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2018/106.pdf
107 Mr.Selvakumar S 3.5 Detection of serine protease gene (Ser-P) in marine isolates of aeromonas hydrophila http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2018/107.pdf
108 Mr.Sharavanan R 3.5 Design and Analysis of Parallel Flow Heat Exchanger with Baffles http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2018/108.pdf
109 Ms.Sherine S 2.5 Investigation on solar panels with and without shading effects in series and parallel connections http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2018/109.pdf
110 Ms.Shuruthi J 3 Role of photodynamic therapy in endodontics―a review http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2018/110.pdf
111 Mr.Sidharth Raj R.S 3.5 Implementation of a paschsail synthesis learning of thin clients http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2018/111.pdf
112 Mr.Sivaraman K 2.75 Information security in cloud computing utilizing fully homomorphic encryption techniques http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2018/112.pdf
113 Ms.Sivaranjani N 1.5 Automatic scoring system for evaluating comprehensive answers using key features (ASCA) http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2018/113.pdf
114 Mr.Solomon F.E 2.75 Vital signs monitor http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2018/114.pdf
115 Ms.Sowmiya Manoj M 2.5 Master/slave transmitter and receiver system using modbus protocol http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2018/115.pdf
116 Ms.Sri Vidhya S.R 2.75 Certifiable, mobile configurations for the look aside buffer http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2018/116.pdf
117 Ms.Surya S 3.5 Diabetic detection using tongue images based on ANNclassification http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2018/117.pdf
118 Ms.Subashini L.M 2.5 Waste water characterisation of milk processing industry http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2018/118.pdf
119 Ms.Subbulakshmi K 2.5 Red tacton technology http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2018/119.pdf
120 Ms.Suganya R 2.75 Birefrince characteristics of an optical element http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2018/120.pdf
121 Ms.Sumathi P 3 An innovative route to acquire least cost in transportation problems http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2018/121.pdf
122 Mr.Suresh Kumar C 2.75 Acoustic emission based investigation on the effect of temperature and hybridization on drop weight impact and post-impact residual strength of hemp and basalt fibres reinforced polymer composite laminates http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2018/122.pdf
123 Ms.Swetha T 2.5 Prevalence of poly cystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) in obese females in a tertiary care centre in south India-An observational study http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2018/123.pdf
124 Mr.Syedhaleem M 2.75 CFD analysis of the flow characteristics of parabolic nozzle by changing the shape of nozzle exit http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2018/124.pdf
125 Mr.Thirumavalavan S 3.5 Performance evaluation of solar flat plate heat collector with parallel and series flow configurations http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2018/125.pdf
126 Ms.Vasumathi G 2.5 A new method of farming robot http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2018/126.pdf
127 Ms.Vasumathi G 2.75 Fabrication of mobile robot using PID http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2018/127.pdf
128 Mr.Velavan R 3 QSAR models for cytotoxicity of chlorinated alkanes http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2018/128.pdf
129 Mr.Venkata Krishnaiah R 3 Effect of egg shell powder on strength behaviour of concrete http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2018/129.pdf
130 Mr.Vijayaragavan S.P 2.3 Solar power and wind power management system using power line communication http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2018/130.pdf
131 Mr.Vino J.A 2.5 Simulation of forced convection in a pipe with nano fluids using ansys CFX software http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2018/131.pdf
132 Ms.Vinothini G 2 Study on how do online degree programs work in India http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2018/132.pdf
133 Mr. Rajabhushanam C 3 The performance analysis of traffic control for load balancing in software-defined wireless networks http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2018/133.pdf
134 Ms.Poojitha S 2 A case study of hemoptysis in 4 years old http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2018/134.pdf
135 Mr.Ramesh S 2 Ectopic thyroid mimicking a thyroglossal cyst: A case report http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2018/135.pdf
136 Ms.Sundari A.S 2 A case of solitary rectal ulcer syndrome in a 12-year-old boy http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2018/136.pdf
137 Mr.Raghuram R 3 Distal renal tubular acidosis secondary to vesicoureteral reflex: A case report in a 14-year-old girl http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2018/137.pdf
138 Ms.Jagadeeswari S. 2.5 A study on thyroid function test in children with nephritic syndrome admitted to a tertiary care hospital http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2018/138.pdf
139 Ms.Paavai S 2 To study prevelance of insulin resistance in acne vulgaris http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2018/139.pdf
140 Mr.Sathyavathy K 2 Study of role of agnor in thyroid lesions http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2018/140.pdf
141 Ms.Singla A 2.5 Mobile phone use and possible cancer risk: A review http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2018/141.pdf
142 Ms.Jaishree P 2.65 Dyslipidemia on type 2 diabetes mellitus http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2018/142.pdf
143 Mr.Mohan P 3.5 Effects of cosmetics on the aetiology of acne vulgaris http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2018/143.pdf
144 Ms.Janani M 2.5 Depression in primary healthcare http://demo.bharathuniv.ac.in/NAAC/C3/seed/2018/144.pdf
Research Advisory Committee (RAC)

Seed Money (2020 - 2021 ) :

S.No Staff Name Amount
(in Lakhs)
Title Link
01 Mrs.G.Kavitha 1 Question Answering System by Semantic Weightage Based Optimized Knowledge Graphs Matching Over Knowledge
Click Here
02 Mr.R.Karthikeyan 1 Fabrication of hybrid Nano composite using needle punched non Owen natural Fib in unsaturated polyester and Identification of mechanical properties
Click Here
03 Mr.N.Lenin Rakesh 1 The Characterization of Natural Fibre Reinforcements and Composite materials
Click Here
04 Mr.M.K.Karthik 1 Immediate Incremental View Maintenance in Data Mining
Click Here
05 Mr.K.Velraja 1 DC Magnetron Sputtered Coating CNC
Click Here
06 Mrs.V.Ramya 1 Immediate Incremental View Maintenance In Data Warehousing
Click Here
07 Dr.Ananthi 1 An Empirical study on stress Management of women police constable with special reference to chennai city
Click Here
08 Mrs.M. M. Shanmuga Priya 1 Organizational Study With Reference to Madras Fertilizers Limited, Manali
Click Here
09 Mr.S.Robin 1 A study on performance appraisal system in public sector Bank at Chennai city
Click Here
10 Mrs.Visalaxi 1 Secure Data Transfer Using Encryption
Click Here
11 Dr.S P Vijayaraghavan 2 Role of attribute selection on tuning the learning performance of parkinson’s data using various intelligent classifiers
Click Here
12 Mrs.Anuradha C 3 Optimization of Resource Allocation in Mobile Edge Computing using Bio-Inspired Algorithm
Click Here
13 Mrs.Anuradha C 2 Prediction of parameters for offloading evaluation in cloud-based Environment
Click Here
14 Mr.Ashok Raj J 2.5 Design and development of multifunctional structures for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs)
Click Here
15 Mr.Ashok Raj J 2.5 Application of EMD based statistical parameters for the prediction of fault severity in a spur gear through vibration signals
Click Here
16 Mr.Ashok, K 3 Photochemical synthesizes of silver nanoparticles using Oscillatoria sancta micro algae against mosquito vectors Aedes aegypti and Anopheles stephensi
Click Here
17 Mrs.Asiya S.I 2 Nanomaterials dispersed liquid crystalline optical materials: Unique platform of thermal sensor applications
Click Here
18 Mr.Balu, P 2.5 Present developments and the reach of alternative fuel: A review
Click Here
19 Mr.Bharatharaj, J 3 Tamil Version of the Fear of COVID-19 Scale
Click Here
20 Mr.Bhuvaraghan, A 3 Dens invaginatus: a review and orthodontic implications
Click Here
21 Mrs.Bini M 2 Chronic exposure of industrial grade calcium carbide and ethylene glycol alter histological architecture of systemic organs by disrupting redox balance in rat
Click Here
22 Mrs.Bini, M 2.5 Chronic exposure of industrial grade calcium carbide and ethylene glycol exert genotoxic effect in Wistar albino rats
Click Here
23 Mr.Bupesh, G 2.5 Inhibitory Effects of Cathepsin K Inhibitor (ODN-MK-0822) on the Paracrine Pro-Osteoclast Factors of Breast Cancer Cells
Click Here
24 Mr.Chandran V 2 Comprehensive review on recycling of spent lithium-ion batteries
Click Here
25 Mr.Chandrasekar, M 3 A systematic review on valproate induced rat model of autism: Pathophysiology, treatment, developmental and neurobehavioral assessment of rat offsprings
Click Here
26 Mr.Chandrasekhar, K 3 Novel RP-HPLC method development and validation of Tamsulosin hcl and dutasteride in tablets by ratio’s method
Click Here
27 Mr.Chowdary P.B.K 2 Diabetes Classification using an Expert Neuro-fuzzy Feature Extraction Model
Click Here
28 Mr.Chowdary, P.B.K 2 An Effective Approach for Detecting Diabetes using Deep Learning Techniques based on Convolutional LSTM Networks
Click Here
29 Mrs.Devi S.V.G 3 Analyzing and predicting student's performance by means of Machine Learning
Click Here
30 Mr.DiBiase A.T 2 Role of the general dental practitioner in managing the risks of orthodontic treatment
Click Here
Click Here
32 Mr.Duguluri, S 2 In vitro cytotoxicity investigations of chloroform extract of Anisomeles malabarica on vero and lung cancer [A-549] cell lines
Click Here
33 Dr.Elangovan, S 3 Co-Flowing Jet Control Using Lip Thickness Variation
Click Here
34 Mr.Gajmal Y 2.5 A Bibliometric Analysis of Authentication based Access Control in Cloud using Blockchain
Click Here
35 Mr.Gandi S 2.5 Approved stability indicating reversed-phase-high performance liquid chromatographic assay method for palonosetron hcl in formulations
Click Here
36 Mrs.Gayetri Devi S.V 3 Classifying automated programming contracts using tanh2 decision tree classifier
Click Here
37 Mr.Gaykar R.S 2 Identification of straggler node in distributed environment using soft computing algorithms
Click Here
38 Mrs.Geetha C 3 Evaluation based Approaches for Liver Disease Prediction using Machine Learning Algorithms
Click Here
39 Mrs.Geetha C 2 Mathematical Model Analysis for Liver Tumor Prediction
Click Here
40 Mr.Gopalakrishnan Mahalingam, K.K 3 Epstein- Barr viral load in exfoliated cells of oral squamous cell carcinoma and oral potentially malignant disorders - A cross-sectional study
Click Here
41 Mr.Govindaraj, J 2.5 Role of adipokines in obesity and obesity related metabolic disorders
Click Here
42 Mr.Hariharan R 3 Characterization of TiZrN and TaZrN Nanocomposite Multilayer Coating Deposited via RF/DC Magnetron Sputtering on AISI4140 Steel
Click Here
43 Dr.Ramkrishna Rao.M 2 Gas chromatography–mass spectrometry analysis of one ayurvedic medicine, Kutajarishtam
Click Here
44 Mrs.Indumathi, R 2 Handheld tourist guidance system using GPS
Click Here
45 Mr.Jain, N 3 Query Optimization for Cloud Database
Click Here
46 Mr.Jauhar, R.M 3 Optical limiting behavior, nonlinear optical studies, geometrical descriptors, chemical properties data, topology analysis on tetraethylammonium L-tartarate dihydrate crystals
Click Here
47 Mrs.Julius, A 3 A Combination of Coconut Fiber Suture and Tamarind Seed Gel with Dehydrated Human Amnion Membrane for Wound Surgery in Rats
Click Here
48 Mr.Kaliaperumal R 2.5 Association of Serum Magnesium with Oxidative Stress in the Pathogenesis of Diabetic Cataract
Click Here
49 Mr. K.Ramji 2 Design of acetone breath gas analyzer in the evaluation of diabetes mellitus
Click Here
50 Dr.Kamaraj P 3 Identification of tartaric acid adduct impurities in dipyridamole capsule formulation related substances method
Click Here
51 Mr.Karthick, R 3 SPIDER-based out-of-order execution scheme for Ht-MPSOC
Click Here
52 Mrs.Kavitha, M 1.5 Convergence of Fuzzy Neutrosophic Soft Circulant Matrices
Click Here
53 Mrs.Kavitha, M 3 Solvability of System of Neutrosophic Soft Linear Equations
Click Here
54 Mr.Kothandan, J 3 ML based social media data emotion analyzer and sentiment classifier with enriched preprocessor
Click Here
55 Mr.Krishnasamy L 3 Biofilm-forming fluconazole-resistant Candida auris causing vulvovaginal candidiasis in an immunocompetent patient: A case report
Click Here
56 Mr.Kumar C.S 3 Effect of the Reinforcement Phase on Indentation Resistance and Damage Characterization of Glass/Epoxy Laminates Using Acoustic Emission Monitoring
Click Here
57 Mr.Kumar S, S 2 Overview on toxicity of nanoparticles, it's mechanism, models used in toxicity studies and disposal methods – A review
Click Here
58 Mr.Kumar S.K.U 3 Ectrodactyly-lobster claw deformity
Click Here
59 Mr.Kumar, C.S 3 Chemical, biological, and nanoclay treatments for natural plant fiber-reinforced polymer composites
Click Here
60 Dr.Kumaravel A 3 Predicting heart failure using data mining with Rough set theory and Fuzzy Petri Net
Click Here
61 Mr.Kumari C.R.T 2 A brief study on optical and mechanical properties of an organic material: Urea glutaric acid (2/1)—a third order nonlinear optical single crystal
Click Here
62 Mr.Lakshmanan S 2.5 Sterculia foetida fruit shell based activated carbon for the effective removal of industrial effluents
Click Here
63 Mr.Lakshmanan, G 2 Infrared radiation favorably influences the quality characteristics of key lime juice
Click Here
64 Mr.Lakshmanan, S 3 Synthesis, characterization, and anti-cancer activity of chalcone derivatives as-potent anaplastic lymphoma kinase inhibitors
Click Here
65 Mrs.Sharmila D 2 Antioxidant studies of one Ayurvedic medicine, Kutajarishtam
Click Here
66 Mr.M. Sethuraman R. 3 Lumbar sympathetic block for postherpetic neuralgia of lower limb: Familiar for a long time! – Comment to Ozturk et al., 2021 Pain Practice
Click Here
67 Mr.Mani, S.K 2 Targeting orphan g protein‐coupled receptor 17 with t0 ligand impairs glioblastoma growth
Click Here
68 Mr.Manikandan A 3 Investigation on electrical and dielectric properties of hard/soft spinel ferrite nanocomposites of CoFe2O4/(NiSc0.03Fe1.97O4)x
Click Here
69 Mr.Manikandan, A 2 Enhanced Magneto-Optical, Morphological, and Photocatalytic Properties of Nickel-Substituted SnO2 Nanoparticles
Click Here
70 Mr.Manikandan, A 2.5 Microalgae an ecofriendly and sustainable wastewater treatment option: Biomass application in biofuel and bio-fertilizer production. A review
Click Here
71 Mr.A.Manikandan 2.5 Techniques for the detection and quantification of emerging contaminants
Click Here
72 Mr.Margarat G.S 3 A Novel Approach for Detection of Basketball Using CFD Method
Click Here
73 Mr.Markose, B 3 Anophthalmic cyclopia with proboscis, acardia, amelia, sirenomelia - Case report
Click Here
74 Mr.Mathangi, Nalini D 2.5 Chemo-preventive effect of 1-piperoyl piperidine (piperine) is mediated through intrinsic signaling mechanisms in human prostate cancer cells (Pc-3) in vitro
Click Here
75 Mrs.Meenakshi C.M 2 Experimental study on tribological behavior of hybrid fiber reinforced epoxy composites
Click Here
76 Mrs.Meenakshi C.M 2 Experimental investigation on physical properties of banana/E-glass fiber reinforced hybrid interpenetrating polymer network composites
Click Here
77 Mrs.Meera, T 3 Rhizophora apiculata and Pseudomonas fluorescens: Novel Bio Inducers in Rice Bacterial Leaf Blight Management
Click Here
78 Mrs.Megha, R 1.5 Endodontic management of maxillary first molar with seven root canals diagnosed using cone-beam computed tomography: A case report
Click Here
79 Mr.Mohanavel V 2 Combustion, performance, and emission behaviors of biodiesel fueled diesel engine with the impact of alumina nanoparticle as an additive
Click Here
80 Mr.Mohanavel V 2 Mechanical Properties of Titanium Diboride Particles Reinforced Aluminum Alloy Matrix Composites: A Comprehensive Review
Click Here
81 Mr.Murali Krishna T 3 The speculative study on machine learning algorithm for an efficient classification of text document
Click Here
82 Mr.Murugesan S 2 New trends and applications of big data analytics for medical science and healthcare
Click Here
83 Mr.Narasingapuram P.B 3 A novel attack detection and encryption framework for distributed cloud computing
Click Here
84 Mr.Narayanan G 1.5 Cardioprotective role of partharishtam on isopreterenol induced myocardial infarction in animal model
Click Here
85 Mr.Natarajan, S.B 3 Rare case of syphilis presenting with labial chancre
Click Here
86 Mr.Pal K 2 Cutting edge development on graphene derivatives modified by liquid crystal and CdS/TiO2 hybrid matrix: optoelectronics and biotechnological aspects
Click Here
87 Mr.Pandian P 3 Solid phase mechanochemical synthesis of Poly(o-anisidine) protected Silver nanoparticles for electrochemical dopamine sensor
Click Here
88 Mr.Pandian, B 2 Effect of crosslink density on cut and chip resistance of 100% SBR based tire tread compound
Click Here
89 Mr.Pandiyan, R 2 Impact of mycorrhizal soil fertility proteins and Arbuscular mycorrhizal application to combat drought stress in maize plants
Click Here
90 Mrs.Parveza M.M 3 Fuzzy c-based automatic defect detection using barker coded thermal wave imaging
Click Here
91 Mrs.Paul Das M 2 Fabrication of silver-grafted silica nanohybrids via aminosilane-inspired surface functionalization for enhanced electrochemical performance towards gastric cancer biomarker
Click Here
92 Mr.Paulraj P 2 Methylene blue intercalated layered MnO2 nanosheets for high-sensitive non-enzymatic ascorbic acid sensor
Click Here
93 Mrs.Pothumani S 3 Efficient Maintenance of Hospital Records by Entrusted Proof of Venture Algorithm in Block Chain Technology
Click Here
94 Mrs.Pothumani S 2 Effective Security Mechanisms for Big Data Using Block Chain Technology
Click Here
95 Dr.Prakash, S 3 PV-STATCOM based smart inverter for reliable distrubition system
Click Here
96 Mr.R Kishore Kanna 3 Technical research on skin deficiencies using medical image processing applications
Click Here
97 Mr.Raghuraman M.S 3 Pulsed Radiofrequency of Stellate Ganglion for Neuropathic Pain Associated with Recurrent Pleural Leiomyosarcoma - A Case Report
Click Here
98 Mr.Raghuraman M.S. 1 Letter to the Editor: Radiofrequency Treatment—Newer Modes and Long-term Effects
Click Here
99 Mr.Raguraman D 1 Wear behavior analysis of vitallium metal matrix composite
Click Here
100 Mr.Raguraman D 1 Performance and Emission Characteristics of Pyrolysis Oil Obtained from Neem de Oiled Cake and Waste Polystyrene in a Compression Ignition Engine
Click Here
101 Mr.Rahman F 1 Current concepts and molecular mechanisms in pharmacogenetics of essential hypertension
Click Here
102 Mr.Rahman, F 2 Impact of Literacy on Hypertension Knowledge and Control of Blood Pressure in a Southern Indian Tertiary Hospital
Click Here
103 Dr.Rajabhushnam C 1 Scatt-loop: Scattering tetrolet-loop descriptor and optimized nn for iris recognition at-a-distance
Click Here
104 Mrs.Rajalakshmi, A 1 validation of high performance thin layer chromatography for the identification of gymnemagenin from ethanolic leaf extract of gymnema sylvestre r. br.
Click Here
105 Mr.Rajamurugu N. 1 Experimental Studies on an Inclined Collector Divergent Chimney Pilot Plant
Click Here
106 Mr.Rajasekar R 1 Performance and emission analysis of di diesel engine fuelled by biodiesel with al2o3nano additives
Click Here
107 Dr.Rajasulochana, P 2 Comparative Analysis of in Vitro Antidiabetic Activity of Wild and Micropropagated Solanum Trilobatum L
Click Here
108 Mr.Rajkumari, S 2 Histopathological assessment of autopsied salivary gland tissue to estimate the post mortem interval – a cross sectional observational study
Click Here
109 Mr.Raju S.D.V.V.S.S.N 1.5 Reverse phase high performance liquid chromatographic method for the simultaneous determination of clarithromycin, tinidazole and rabeprazole in combined formulations
Click Here
110 Mr.Raju, S.V.V.S.S.N 2.5 Estimation of ceftazidime and avibactam in their bulk and formulations by a newly developed and validated of stability indicating rp-uplc method
Click Here
111 Mr.Ramachandran, V 2.5 Multi-Variate Data Fusion Technique for Reducing Sensor Errors in Intelligent Transportation Systems
Click Here
112 Mr.Ramachandran, V 3 Development of air quality monitoring (AQM) models using different machine learning approaches
Click Here
113 Mr.Raman, V 3 Novel phytobiotic - Clionasterol from Moringa oleifera leaves against Multi drug resistant Staphylococcal aureus
Click Here
114 Mr.Ramarao M 2.5 Dynamic mechanical analysis performance of pure 3D printed polylactic acid (PLA) and acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS)
Click Here
115 Mr.Ramarao M 2 Exploration on Mechanical Behaviours of Hyacinth Fibre Particles Reinforced Polymer Matrix-Based Hybrid Composites for Electronic Applications
Click Here
116 Mr.Ramarao M 3 Evaluation of Mechanical Properties of Sisal and Bamboo Fibres Reinforced with Polymer Matrix Composites Prepared by Compression Moulding Process
Click Here
117 Mr.Ramasamy P 3 Bio-Fabrication of Human Amniotic Membrane Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles and the Wet/Dry HAM Dressing Membrane for Wound Healing
Click Here
118 Dr.Rebecca J 3 Formulation optimization of chitosan nanoparticles incorporated rabies viral antigen and its influence on the release kinetics, immune potency and biosafety potential
Click Here
119 Mr.Reddy M.D 2 Design of computationally intelligent decision support system using data analytics
Click Here
120 Mr.Reddy M.D 2 Data analytics using computationally intelligent agents for medical diagnosis
Click Here
121 Mr.Reshma Ramchandra N 3 Machine learning algorithms performance evaluation in traffic flow prediction
Click Here
122 Mr.Sadagopan, S 3 Rough fuzzy region based bounded support fuzzy C-means clustering for brain MR image segmentation
Click Here
123 Mr.Sangeetha, K 2 Antiviral activity of astragaloside II, astragaloside III and astragaloside IV compounds against dengue virus: Computational docking and in vitro studies
Click Here
124 Mr.Sankari, S.L 3 A Meta-Analysis in Assessing Oxidative Stress Using Malondialdehyde in Oral Submucous Fibrosis
Click Here
125 Mr.Saravana Kumar A 2 S-SMILE model: A leveraging mechanism to polarise performance in small and medium enterprises - An empirical study
Click Here
126 Mr.Senthil Nayagam V 1.5 Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) and Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) Applications on Natural Fibre Reinforced Polymer Matrix Composites
Click Here
127 Mr.Sephra, P.J 2 Fe2O3/graphene nanocomposites as heterogeneous Fenton catalysts: Correlation studies on catalyst dosage, graphene loading and adsorption kinetics on methylene blue degradation
Click Here
128 Mr.Shanmuganathan M 3 Technique for Order Preference by Similarity to Ideal Solution (Topsis) Applied to Image Fusion -Limitations
Click Here
129 Mr.Shanmuganathan M 3 Deductive learning approaches for Face Recognition by using Gabor Feature
Click Here
130 Mr.Shanmuganathan M 3 The Problem of Rank Reversal in Combination with AHP and TOPSIS Applied to Image Fusion
Click Here
131 Dr.Sharmila D 2 The gc ms analysis of one ayurvedic medicine “balarishtam”
Click Here
132 Dr.Sharmila D 3 Gc ms analysis of one ayurvedic formulation “nasika churnam”
Click Here
133 Dr.Sharmila D 3 The GC MS study of one ayurvedic formulation “Sitopaladi”
Click Here
134 Mr.Shirke S.D 3 Local gradient pattern and deep learning-based approach for the iris recognition at-a-distance
Click Here
135 Mr.Sinkar Y.D 2 Data Protection on Cloud Using GWOA Model
Click Here
136 Mr.Sinkar Y.D 3 ATT Sequeeze U- net a lightweight network for forest fire detection and recognition
Click Here
137 Mr.Sivachandran M 3 Classification approaches in unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) intrusion detection data set by using big data analysis
Click Here
138 Mr.Sivaraman K 2.5 A comparative study: Performance and optimization of artificial neural networks in blood cell datasets
Click Here
139 Mr.Sivaraman K 2 Machine learning models for prediction of cardiovascular diseases
Click Here
140 Mrs.Sowmya, N.S 2 Studies of crystal growth, structural, spectral and optical properties of solution grown 2-phenylethylaminium p-nitrophenolate monohydrate single crystals for efficient nonlinear optical applications
Click Here
141 Mrs.Sri Vidhya S.R 2 Automated Detection of False positives and false negatives in Cerebral Aneurysms from MR Angiography Images by Deep Learning Methods
Click Here
142 Mrs.Sri Vidhya S.R 2 Machine learning techniques for Morphologic and Clinical Features Extraction of Cerebral Aneurysm
Click Here
143 Mr.Subbiya A 2.5 Evaluation of the Antibacterial Efficacy of Daptomycin, Gentamicin, and Calcium Hydroxide—Antibiotic Combinations on Enterococcus faecalis Dentinal Biofilm: An In Vitro Study
Click Here
144 Mr.Subhash, L.S 2 Sunflower Whale Optimization Algorithm for Resource Allocation Strategy in Cloud Computing Platform
Click Here
145 Mr.Subramanian, S.S 2 Efficacy of motor therapy over sensorimotor therapy in upper limb functions of post stroke patients
Click Here
146 Dr.Sundararaj M 1.5 Effect of Swirling Secondary Flow on the Under-expanded Non-circular Supersonic Jets
Click Here
147 Mr.Suresh Kumar, C 2 Anatomical, mechanical and fractographic characterization of needle punched musa sapientum cellulosic fiber/UPE composites
Click Here
148 Mr.Suresh Kumar, C 2 Damage monitoring of glass/epoxy laminates with different interply fiber orientation using acoustic emission
Click Here
149 Mr.Suresh Kumar, C 2 Effect of patch hybridisation on indentation resistance and residual performance of patch repaired glass/epoxy laminates using acoustic emission monitoring
Click Here
150 Mrs.Swetha N.B 2.5 Effect of educational intervention on road safety awareness and practice among medical students in chennai-a cross-sectional study
Click Here
151 Mr.Tatikonda N.C 2.5 Investigation on the effect of thermal barrier coating in a diesel and microalgae methyl ester powered compression ignition engine
Click Here
152 Mr.Teja, P.C 2.5 Predicting the supreme court decision on appeal cases using hierarchical convolutional neural network
Click Here
153 Mr.Thangaraj, M 2.5 Remarkable Sequel of Tricyclazole, Mancozeb and Trichoderma harzianum on the Management of Maydis Leaf Blight of Maize
Click Here
154 Mr.Thiruvenkatachari, B 2 Reducing the burden of orthodontic care for children with clefts: evaluating the effectiveness of pre-alveolar bone graft orthodontics in unilateral non-syndromic cleft patients (PABO study)—Astudy protocol for a multicentric randomised controlled trial
Click Here
155 Mr.Timmana H.K 2 Discrepancy Histopathological Breast Cancer Image Classification with Deep Convolutional Network
Click Here
156 Mrs.Umarani Srikanth G 3 Breast Cancer prediction and classification
Click Here
157 Mr.Varadhan C 3 Effects of the FR 4 Substrate Realized in a Circularly Polarized UHF-RFID Reader Antenna with Fractal Geometry for Enhancing Parameters
Click Here
158 Mr.Varadhan, C 2 Characterization of Composite RFID Antennas Based on Thermal Properties: A Survey
Click Here
159 Dr.Varatharajan, R 2 Evaluation of the impact of thermal performance on various building bricks and blocks: A review
Click Here
160 Dr.Varatharajan, R 2 FPGA based peripheral myopathy monitoring using MFCV at dynamic contractions
Click Here
161 Mr.Velusamy P 3 SARS-CoV-2 spike protein: Site-specific breakpoints for the development of COVID-19 vaccines
Click Here
162 Mrs.Visalaxi, G 3 Type II fuzzy logic based cluster head selection for wireless sensor network
Click Here
163 Mr.Yogesh L 2 GSTM1 null polymorphism and palmar dermatoglypics in oral leukoplakia
Click Here
164 Mrs.K. ARUNADEVI 2 Preventive Cardiology
Click Here
165 Mrs.A. ANNIE CHRISTRY 2 American Literature
Click Here
166 Mrs.A. AGNES PEARLY 3 Denoising Image using Enhanced Algorithm
Click Here
167 Mr.S. BALAJI 3 Oral Cancer Detection Using CNN
Click Here
168 Dr.Magdalene Peter 2 A Study on Psychometric Tests in recruitments
Click Here
169 Mr.M. GOPINATH 3 Indian Writing in English
Click Here
170 Mr.M. K. Karthik 2 Effect of Iron Fillers in Glass / Epoxy Composite Laminates
Click Here
171 Mr.S. MANAVALAN 2 Treatability Studies on Wastewater using photo catalysis.
Click Here
172 Mr.T. MANOJ PRASATH 2 Automatic Oxygen delivery system in Hopsitalized patients with acute respiratory failure
Click Here
173 Mr.R. MANIKANDAN 3 Studies on the effect of under expanded transverse micro jets on the flow characteristics of a free jet
Click Here
174 Dr. R. Srikumar 2 To Explore the Root Cause For Steady Rise In Type 2 Diabetes In And Around Pondicherry, South
Click Here
175 Dr.S. Latha 1 Impact of University Practical Exam Stress on Physiological Parameters Among First Year Medical Students
Click Here
176 Dr.C. Naveen Kumar 3 Knowledge, attitude practice regarding on oral hygiene among government school children in Puducherry
Click Here
177 Dr.M. Lenin 1 Association between GCK gene polymorphism and gestational diabetes mellitus and its pregnancy outcomes
Click Here
178 Dr. B. Rajesh 2.5 Chronic exposure of industrial grade calcium carbide and ethylene glycol alter histological architecture of systemic organs by disrupting redox balance in rat
Click Here
179 Dr.S. Swathi 2.5 Current scenario of Nipah virus: a review
Click Here
180 Dr.T. Mohanalakshmi 2.5 Covid 19 And Diabetes
Click Here
181 Dr.N. Anandaramajayan 2 A Review On Beneficial Effects Of Cynodon Dactylon
Click Here